[TN] Corton Charlemange R&R JAcob 1992

Hello, This wine was obtained at the iDealWine auction site this summer. AFAICR, the price was c EU 30. The producer is situated in Ladoix-Serrigny and describes themselves as recoltant-viticulteur. The cork was in excellent shape, and ullage minimal. [c] Definitely ambre. [n] Very typical mature Chardonnay nose with nuts, overripe apples, and the smell of forest undergrowth in mid-autumn. [p] Laid-back acidic attack, a bit toast, more apples and nuts, and a dry finish leaning towards artichokes. Length could have been better. Oxidative notes.
Overall impression: I served this with a cajun-influenced okra cassoulet and seared halibut. Since the spicyness was kept down a bit, the pairing worked very well. The wine may have passed its apex, and I don't think it a good idea to keep it - no bother as this was my only bottle. That said, I do not regret shelling out EU 30 for it, and my life is better for having tasted it.
Nils Gustaf
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Nils Gustaf Lindgren

The Corton-Charlemagne you tasted seems to have aged a bit faster than a few of the best examples. However you can not argue with the price. It is not unusual for a CC to cost US $50 to over $100 in retail stores in the US, and one euro is now worth a bit more than one US dollar.
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That is my impression too. I drank a Corton-Charlemange 1982 in 2001, and it was considerably younger in taste and appearance (clear straw-yellow as I recall, wonderful). That is the obvious problem with buying on an auction - provenance is uncertain.
Of course, it is always a question what you are willing to pay. E g, would you pay EU 700 for a Petrus 1975? Would you pay it if you knew the ullage was at half-shoulder? This bottle we had I would not have valued at USD 100 - EU 30 is about right ... that would correspond to USD 38-39 ...
Cheers Nils Gustaf
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Nils Gustaf Lindgren

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