TN Villa Antinori Toscanna white

This little white, going for 10 USD is sumptuous. Don't know what grapes go
into it (checked out Antinori's web site. Just had to trust that he is a
great Tuscan producer.) This little white made me perk up. Apricot and some
honey. Even a few Chard drinkers liked it. Buy this wine by the case, and
don't let it last too long. Great juice!
Rich R.
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Rich R
What a coincidence. Last night with a shrimp louis salad on the deck we had a bottle of the Antinori Toscana. I thought it was very good QPR and perfect for summer deck quaffing. No one will confuse it with a white Bordeaux or even a top level Italian pinot grigio, but it is tasty and works well with light meals. Crisp, stoney, subtley sweet--apricot is a good descriptor. I didn't find much honey.
And, I bought the case during a big sale about six months ago at $7.99/bottle.
Ed Rasimus Fighter Pilot (USAF-Ret) "When Thunder Rolled" Smithsonian Institution Press ISBN #1-58834-103-8
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Ed Rasimus
Hi Ed,
Great buy on the wine. Not a white Bordeaux, but a great family and friends quaffer. My "honey" note came from the thickness of this this white. Confused me, so I used the word "honey". This wine is composed of 80% Trebbiano and Malvasia, 20% Tuscan Chardonnay. Probably the dose of Chardonnay gave me the honey feel. Summer-time, great Italian whites, what gets better than this?
Rich R.
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Rich R

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