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My wife and I are off to the Piedmont area of Italy in October during the Truffle Festival. DaleW recommended visiting the winery of Bruno Giacosa. Mark Lipton suggested I pick up some '01 Mascarello Barolo while I'm there. We plan to see Produttori Del Barbaresco as we have enjoyed their wines for many years. Is there another winery in Piedmont we really shouldn't miss? Thanks.
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If you want to pick up some Mascarello Bartolo, you'd better be quick - she was all but out of it in July, and she did not produce any in 2002 which otherwise would be bottled in October. Cheers Nils Gustaf "Professor" skrev i meddelandet news:Bk5yg.12055$Oz3.5469@trnddc02...
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Nils Gustaf Lindgren

Better wait till October then ;-)
On a serious vein, if you are into "that" kind of wine, also think of Rinaldi and Cappelano, truly great.
cheers Nils
PS: are you still at 43°N or have you returned to Scandic latitudes? I am in food-and-wine-challenged Corfu, but will be around Amalfi Sunday and back home a week later, will try to get some Tuscan visits in on the way, I hear they make some good Sangiovese in that part of the world...
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Mike Tommasi

"Mike Tommasi" skrev i meddelandet news:
... when she'll bottle the wine she did not make in 2002, yes ...
Notes are busily taken!
No we are back in the high North - we returned two weeks ago, after a very good stay in Bourgogne - ubnfortunately ddue to a misunderstanding and being a bit stressed we missed Jim Tanner - better luck next time ... two very good visits (no four) to Coche-Bizouard and Jean Javillier (well, Alain, really, Jean is the father but Alain and his brother are minding the store now). Also good visit to FLeurot in Santenay, great Chassagne, and to old aquaintance Lucien Jacob in Echevronne, they are doing very nice progress although I think they are too lavish with the oak in their Chambolle-Musigny, I prefer their Gevrey-Chambertin and Savigny-lès-Beaune. Sangiovese in Tuscany? REALLY? Nooooooo ... ;) Cheers Nils Gustaf We'll be down in Nice late October/early November next time.
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Nils Gustaf Lindgren

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