Diluting wine?

I have 12 gallons of wine that contains 15% alcohol. If I add 3
gallons of water will this reduce the alcohol content to 12%.
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Yes, using the Pearson's Square, that would appear to be the correct amount of water to add. However, the dilution will unfortunately reduce fruit flavor, and it may drop your acid level too low, requiring an acid addition. Before you make the final decision, consider what type of wine you are making. Some wines are finished at higher alcohol levels (California Zins, for example). You may want to compromise by diluting to 13.5% alcohol. Or, you may have a lower alcohol wine you could blend with. Blending avoids the loss of fruit flavor, body, and acid.
Regards, Gary
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It may be mathematically correct, but you can ruin the wine in that it will have less flavor, less body.
Do a simple test. Pour a glass of your favorite wine. Now add 25% water and take a drink. Is it still your favorite wine?
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Edwin Pawlowski

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