Oak Elderberry Wine?

Just started 2 gallons of elderberry wine from wild elderberries
picked here in Oregon (blue, or dark blue with a white bloom on them).
The specs are 7lbs. of elderberries, 1lb. of golden raisins. TA
0.70%. SG adjusted to 1.100. I intend to make a dry table wine,
don't mind waiting for it to mature.
Should elderberry even be oaked? How much in the primary to start out
I've search the ng archives for information. No real agreement there.
I guess I'd like to hear from elderberry wine makers if oak adds
interest or complexity that compliments elderberry?
Does west coast (North America) elderberry have 'woody' flavors as
elderberry winemakiers from the UK have mentioned, a woody flavor even
without oaking.
I like oak as an 'adjunct' to increase flavors and bouquet, but don't
really like wood alcohol :-) .
Thanks and Take Care
Steve - Noobie
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Just a chemical heads up here, I don't have any real info on the asthetics of oak character in elderberry wine, but you're not going to get wood alcohol out of oak wood by soaking it in wine. Some traces of methanol form when yeast ferments pulp, but you won't get any out of oak wood unless you try to distill the wood. So not to worry.
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Hi ralconte:
I'm sorry, that was my poor attempt at some humor.
Steve - Noobie Oregon
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Seems usual that I end up answering my own way too esoteric posts.
Went to collect more elderberries today. To late in the day to really pick. So will have to go back tomorrow.
After munching on a few, my truly better-half thought that, yes, there is a woody character to these elderberries (on the westside of Oregon) and no I probably don't need to oak the batch.
We both also detected a hint of banana flavor to them as well. Etheylene to due overripe maybe I don't know, but they did taste good and had sweetness to them so we are going back tomorrow to pick more for another batch.
While I'm talking to myself for the archives, some OT rambling.
Made several batches of Peach wine last year. In order of my liking they are Peach/banana which is Kellers recipe, Peach/brown sugar from CJJ Berry, Peach/white grape concentrate, Peach/Honey and last is Peach/Raisin. All used 5lbs of peaches per US gallon plus one pound (or 11oz) of the adjunct. All had a peach flavor, aroma, and were liked by all tasters. Not a /bad/ wine in the bunch. That speaks good of peach wine.
Wines definately worth making again and a lot of:
Blackberry no adjunts - no less than 5lbs/ US gallon Merlot rival, with true blackberry notes!! Rhubarb 4lbs/ US gallon VERY nice refreshing white wine Pear 5 lbs per gallon, clean light white wine Plum Depends on plum type but watch acid levels.
Promising Wines:
Elderberry, Cranberry, Carrot, Blueberry, Pumpkin
Wine I probably will not make again:
Any citrus or melon. This is a hobby , it's suppose to be fun and I have better things to do that make stink bombs. Like plant grapes!
Steve - Noobie Oregon
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im relatively new to winemaking and made my first batch of elderberry wine recently from dried elderberries and red grape concentrate. its been in the bottle about 4 months now and tastes good!although i think it could have used some oak which i plan to use in my next batch. dnt know how much or when to add tho
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