Ripening Foch

I noticed this morning that my Marechal Foch grapes were turning purple already. This seems very early, being late July, but it has been horribly hot here in Baltimore for the last couple of weeks. Have any other Foch growers noticed ripening already?
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I don't grow it, but heat does hasten ripening. The following is a report from Lone Oak Winery in Texas dated July 8, regarding Foch's sibling Leon Millot
"Hey everyone. Just a little watch out. We have already harvested our Leon Millot. It came in at 26.7 on July 4. Our Chardonel was at 25.5 this morning. We didn’t believe it so we got a 100 berry random sample this afternoon. It came in at 26.2 degrees Brix!!! Our Shiraz is already at 20.5 in Block “B” and 21 in block “A”. Due to the intense heat and drought all of our varieties are progressing at 0.5 degrees Brix per day . Unless we have a major change in the weather pattern, I am predicting that we will harvest our Shiraz and Tempranillo between July 23 and July 30. This is 3 weeks to one month sooner than our average harvest dates for these varieties in North Central Texas. I have checked with other growers and they are seeing the same phenomenon. If you are waiting for your first normal sugar samples in late July you may want to t ake a peek - like NOW!"
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