the perfect winemaking space

Ready to start putting together a room in my unfinished basement for my winemaking. About a 90 square foot space with water roughed in, a drain, and that is all. Will begin by running an electrical circuit soon for plugs and lights. I have always made my wine pretty much over the kitchen sink, so I looking forward to this new space.
Since I am starting from scratch, are there any suggestions beyond the obvious needs. Thanks.
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Keith Hobbs

Don't think there's much to it but the obvious really. I'm in the process of putting together a 'winery' too.
Been thinking about efficient use of space, such as carboy shelves [floor to ceiling] in corners instead of along the walls, hanging cabinets to keep counter space clear, tool caddies such as in a shop for frequently needed items, hydromoeter, thermometer, racking tubes, etc.
Just about decided on a big plastic laundry sink. I know, not elegant or cool. But, it holds a carboy if I need to quickly warm or cool must in a water bath, holds 2 cases of bottles for soaking, indestructible, cheap.
A small table or barrel half, a 2 seater park style bench, and a bar stool will be in there for tastings!
What else?
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I built wooden shelves for carboys and supplies. A large deep sink with room to rack carboys. My testing supplies, hoses, chemicals and other stuff are in plastic tubs above the carboys. I have shelving for 28 6.5gal carboys. No shelving is affixed to the walls directly.
To me, what was important was a drain, water and some power. Other than that, I felt it was important to be able to pull it all out easily and sanitize the whole room, so i painted the cinder block walls and floor with an exterior paint and can sanitize the room easily.
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Wayne Harris

If you aren't young and reckless then having a high place to rack from is key. Kneeling down to rack or bottle is highly over rated, and with maturity comes wisdom. :) The height for convenient racking and bottling, and running water and a drain which you seem to already have, is the minimum requirement for a convenient wine making room. If you want to get all fancy then some wall space for storage is very nice, and some open space for a tasting table is luxury.
Cheers, Ken
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