Anybody know where I can get some Smithwicks?

That stuff was great....had a few pints at the "Nine Fine Irishmen" bar inside New York-New York Casino in Vegas but now I'm home in Washington State and jonesing hard for somemore...maybe Vancouver?
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Ric Logg

It seems to be making big inroads in my area (SE Pennsylvania). Most of the pubs I frequent have it on tap these days. Might be a regional thing, though.
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Plenty in So.California..........
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Yeah, carry it in Central, NJ.
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Yeah, carry it in = Central,=20 NJ.   ~C  
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No Sanity Claus

Binny's in Chicago carries it and....they ship. You'd have to check and see if Wa state is ok for them to ship to and you'd have to decide whether shipping charges were worth it, of course.
Hope that helps.
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Bill Becker

I sure appreciate that Bill! I looks like Washington State is GTG (good to go) - X-mas is coming up so I may have to "arrange" for the missus to find this out hehehehe - Thanks again!
Ric Dogpatch (Puyallup) , WA
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Ric Logg

The stuff is okay, but great? Nah. Too underflavored. But if'n you wanna get that Smiddix jones on, head down to the Celtic Swell, an Oirish pub with Smithwick's, Guinness ('cause you don't wanna go Guinless, I guess), and more on tap, and some pretty damn good Anglo-Irish eats to accompany - the Irish Breakfast is true to style and just a deadly. The Celtic Swell is in the strip of restos and pubs that line the waterfront area heading down to Alki Point.
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Now that's an excellent excuse for the next office "escape" - I work with two other guys and I'm fairly certain they could be talked into lunch in West Seattle...we work in the U-District
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Ric Logg

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