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San Jose bars
hi i'm staying in san jose, ca for a few days and was wondering if there's any good offerings in the area. -ben
16 years ago
Stella Artois
N.E. Pennsylvania (Luzerne County) beer distributors FINALLY carry Stella! Those Stella beer glasses I bought two months ago will finally come in handy. PGW
16 years ago 27
New portable Personal "Kegerator" Chills any brew fast!
A Neat New item... Brass and Oak Beer Cooler. Connect any bottle or keg for instant ice cold beer. Fill with ice like a cold plate. Self pressurizing Tap goes anywhere. Please take a look if you are i...
16 years ago
Beer Gardens
Now I haven't heard that term in a long time. I remember when I was 10 I would spend two weeks with my Grandparents in Homestead, PA (near Pittsburgh). My Grandpap worked at the mill. My Grandma would...
16 years ago
Re: Fat Tire Beer Gear! Great Gift Ideas!
did someone press send before noticing they called phat tire, fat tire?
16 years ago 6
Re: LOL!" Brett"
Which probably means you have not come in contact with the red wine making. Brettanomyces sp. are wild yeasts that infect wineries and wine. Too much of brett growth means too much phenols and even...
16 years ago
Zlaty Bazant in UK?
Where can I buy the Slovak beer Zlaty Bazant (Golden Pheasant) in the UK? I have tried writing to the distributors many times, with no success.
16 years ago
beer in Prague
I will spend two whole free days in Prague this September. I'd like to know what a beer lover must see, and more importantly, must drink, in this fabled city. I noticed on the web that most brewery to...
16 years ago 2
Re: Hefe Weisse Time!
Carlyle Brewing, Rockford Illinois U.S.A. initially taste like banana with a clove finish
16 years ago 4
Standard Tap/Philly
I paid my first visit to the Standard Tap in Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia. Great selection of beers on tap with two - Yards ESA and Victory Hop Devil - dispensed by hand pumps. No Mi...
16 years ago
Re: Italian beer for everyone
No hint about the beer brands? Andrea P.S. I don't think it's a good idea, posting in Italian in an English-speaking forum.... "luca" ha scritto nel messaggio news:bgljg5$ubb$1@lacerta.tiscalinet...
16 years ago 1
Pumpkin Ale
I'm looking for a company where I can get a kit to brew some pumpkin ale. Any ideas? Thanks for any advice. Jerry
16 years ago 3
Please Explain This Brewing Practice
A new brewery opened in town. Let's call it the XYZ Brewery. The writing on the bottle says: Brewed and bottled at ABC Beverages, Nowhere, Virginia under supervision of XYZ Brewing co., Hometown, M...
16 years ago 26
shouldn't be a problem, really
last year there were so many people selling tickets at the gate I gave my extra one away to the folks running the bicycle corral show up early, I believe you will get in
16 years ago 1
Black N Tan American Style
So, what beers would you use to make the penultimate B & T? Best regards, Bill
16 years ago