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E-petition for pensioners
Please take a look at this important e-petition, show your support and sign it, thankyou very much. Campaigner
11 years ago 2
Decent Hotel in the Gatwick - Crawley - Guildford area
Went to a family reunion at the Ramada Jarvis hotel in Farnham yesterday. If you wanted overpriced lager sold by arrogant schoolkids, this is the place to go. And the expensive food wasn't good eith...
11 years ago
hazy beer
At my local real ale pub, the landlord put two beers on that had not cleared. This was Saturday lunch and left the pump clips turned to behind the bar. On Monday he pulled some beer off, only to fin...
11 years ago 11
Bring back smoking inside pubs :-(
Just had a weeks holiday (North Yorkshire Moors). Great pubs in small villages - great food - dined out every evening. Problem :- We had our dogs with us and therefore had to eat our meals outside. ...
11 years ago 19
Milton Keynes
I'm staying in central Milton Keynes in a couple of weeks and the hotel "doesn't do ales" (!) Is there anywhere within walking distance of the railway station that does a decent pint?
11 years ago 7
Forthcoming beer festivals West Yorks
Two beer festivals coming up round here shortly Todmorden Beer Festival at Todmorden Cricket Club (Burnley Road) approx 300yds from Railway Station 20th-22nd September 2007 Keighley Beer Cider an...
11 years ago 2
Hi, I'll be reacquainting myself with some of Liverpool's finest pubs on Saturday. I'd heard the Baltic Fleet was to close for refurbishment at the end of August? Has it, and is it open again plea...
11 years ago 16
Ruddles Hedgerow: a joke?
Forced by a friend to go to my local GK (which I generally dislike but not helped by an uncaring landlord). Thought I'd end up with guiness 'cause the Abbot and IPA are normally horid, but tried th...
11 years ago 1
Tap Room plus Essex Pub Festivals for September
News on real ale, pubs, beer festivals and breweries - with a touch of humour The latest on-line version of tap-room is available at Some pub festivals for Essex area. Sep 15 to 16 Chequers Inn...
11 years ago
Michael Jackson Radio4 Obit.
Hi folks, my friend Steve spotted that Radio4 had a decent obit to MJ today, it's on the Scots Isle of Lisnaggen for a week I think . See hear -
11 years ago
Sparklers (Again)
I don't want to re-ignite the arguments but can anyone tell me when sparklers started to appear? Am I right in thinking they were unknown before the 60s? TIA
11 years ago 1
Where is Theakston's brewed?
When the Theakston family bought the Theakston's brand back from S&N, I thought that, because of volume constraints at Masham most ale would continue to be brewed by S&N in Tadcaster. A news piece in...
11 years ago 55 FAQ
11 years ago
Michael Jackson dies
Very sad news. Many years ago I gave him a lift in my car to a CAMRA meeting at the Claremont, a Holts pub in Moss Side, Manchester. And the wheels were still on when we came out!
11 years ago 10
Seeking spare parts for taps
In the interests of turning this group back on topic and away from that famous oxymoron, military intelligence, I have a question about taps. I've got two taps at home that don't see much use. I cou...
11 years ago 3