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12 years ago
Michael Jackson dies
Very sad news. Many years ago I gave him a lift in my car to a CAMRA meeting at the Claremont, a Holts pub in Moss Side, Manchester. And the wheels were still on when we came out! -- "If a river ...
12 years ago 10
Seeking spare parts for taps
In the interests of turning this group back on topic and away from that famous oxymoron, military intelligence, I have a question about taps. I've got two taps at home that don't see much use. I cou...
12 years ago 3
Beer Festival
at the Beckford Hotel, near Evesham. 9 Ales, apparently at £2 per pint. Yippee!
12 years ago
Good Beer In Bolton
Anyone know of any good pubs in Bolton. Obviously there are the GBBF 2007 ones. Are these all still up to snuff? Any others worth considering? Peter Peter
12 years ago 1
Anyone else feeling persecuted?
Please persecute a more appropriate newsgroup.
12 years ago 2
Peterborough Beer Festival
Since its very good and no one else as mentioned it - It's Peterborough this week and the beer selection does look rather good. There's more details at
12 years ago 5
Double take
So a bloke walks into a pub on a rare sunny day and asks for a perry and a cider. The bar staff rummage about, looking in the cooling cabinets, checking the cellar etc. "Sorry mate, no perry I'm af...
12 years ago 15
What's recommended near Holborn tube? Pubs that is. E,
12 years ago 14
Hobson's Mild wins CBoB.
c&p'd from CATEGORY WINNERS - Note: The winner of the Champion Winter Beer of Britain ("Ripper" from Green Jack Brewery in Suffolk) was already in the final...
12 years ago 2
National Trust Pubs
I was in one the other day (the Tower Bank Arms in Sawrey , Lake District) which was very agreeable. I didn't realise the NT owned any pubs so it got me thinking "how many pubs does the National Tru...
12 years ago 11
August pub festivals Essex/Suffolk
Aug 24 to 27 Viper Mill Green Road Mill Green Nr Ingatestone CM4 0PT Tel:01277 352010 50+ Real ales plus Cider and Perry Live music Sunday night, heated marquee Open all day Aug 24 to 27 Queens Head...
12 years ago
Do Women Like Different Beers From Men?
Story and link to a short survey here: Please feel free to forward this to people who you think will be interested in sharing their views on real ale style...
12 years ago 4
Belfast pub recommendations please
I'll be spending an evening in Belfast (on my own) and so hope to find the solace of a decent pub. I've seen some very negative comments about real ale in Belfast and we're at that time of year whe...
12 years ago 1
Just Google RS Components or Radio Spares. -- Brian Waine Warrington
12 years ago 1