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Archers Saved Peter
12 years ago
Brown: 24-hour drinking law to be reviewed
More Nannies to the rescue. Won't somebody think of the children? Do the critics work at Northcliffe House? Most of this kind of policy originates there. They claim this will be evidence based. I ex...
12 years ago 38
How did it do that?!
Ok so I go to , and nothing happens when i click the video, of course, the very end when a flash kind of ad comes up, and I clicked, my CD drive opens and my monitor shuts off. Whats go...
12 years ago 7
is this real?
12 years ago
Home beer cooling
12 years ago 17
Robbies to close brewery tap
Robinson's are to close the Spread Eagle and convert the space to offices. Apparently they are short of space to house their staff.
12 years ago 9
Preston Pubs
Hi, Apart from the GBG-listed pubs, are there any I shouldn't miss on a day's drinking in the city centre? Recommendations welcome. Thanks, Lee.
12 years ago 3
Kent beer festival
Anyone here going to the Kent beer festival in Canterbury this week?
12 years ago 1
Latest tap-room available on-line
News on real ale, pubs, beer festivals and breweries - with a touch of humour The latest on-line version of tap-room is available at
12 years ago
Durham Miners Gala
Had first try of Camerons Green Bullit at the Rugby Club. Well presented and tasted good - notwithstanding the massive numbers of visitors. Reports that the Strongarm was also worthwhile. The last ti...
12 years ago 1
Pub Beer festivals July/Aug - Essex
12 - 15 July White Horse Coxtie Green 27 -29 July Rodney North Hill Little Baddow CM3 4TQ Tel: 01245 222385 From 7pm Friday to 7pm Sunday 12 real ales...
12 years ago
Chelmsford Summer Beer Festival 2007
12 years ago
Brakspear's not Special any more?
Odd & sad if unconirmed & unaccredited report (*) that Refresh/ Wychwood/Brakspear last month ceased brewing Braskpear Special. Anyone closer to the source got any more info? (*) - source of info ...
12 years ago 4
Smoking ban and the consumption of alcohol.
Now that the government has started to do the decent thing regarding smoking is it not about time that consideration was given to the further control of alcohol? It seems to me that we should be worki...
12 years ago 2
Informed rumour has it that Osset Brewery have bought Wakefield's Fernandes brewery. Talking to an reliable source in an Ossett pub in Huddersfield, it appears that brewing will continue at Wakefield...
12 years ago 6