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Radio Beer today.
On R4 now - Sir Protz of Stalbania, Karin Bilmoria (Cobra beer) & Peter Haydon (Meantime, ex-SIBA, etc) - should be on Lisnaggen later too. So far seems like a free ad for Cobra - like they need it?...
12 years ago 2
Beer Today website
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_0079_01C782BE.48834CB0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Hello all, I'm a...
12 years ago
Holmfirth/Huddersfield Pubs??
Gonna be there in less than a week, for a 2 week stay. Gonna hit the Sair, all the pubs in Holmfirth, and the pubs and brewpub in Marsden. Else, I am open to suggestions to any and all pubs, esp thos...
12 years ago 12
Bottled Leffe
12 years ago 1
JDW Tasting Notes
Perusing the tasting notes for JDW's upcoming festival, I see that they've got Robinsons Unicorn down as a "pale, golden-coloured beer." Well, its had me fooled for years!
12 years ago 16
Brewery boss slams BNP
A BREWERY boss has labelled the BNP "racist" after it emerged the party had used one of his pubs to hold a meeting. William Lees-Jones, managing director of JW Lees, said he was "shocked" after a Gu...
12 years ago 7
Belfast dark stuff n steaks
As mentioned some time ago, went to Belfast for a conference. Bass was flat, Guinness seemed thin and the Magners was cider. Music in Robinsons was excellent and the Crow, when t eventually opened, wa...
12 years ago
Bold Forester beerfest
The 8th St.George's beerfest at the GBG-listed Bold Forester,Mansfield starts on Thuras.19th April,going tough to Mon.23rd,featuring40-odd beers (all available at one time until drunk),based around ...
12 years ago 2
More GK woe
The current Private Eye has an item on GK closing down the Botany Bay in Tottenham, and includes a quote from 'disgusted of Tottenham', aka K Flett. E.
12 years ago 1
The-Bird-in-Hand at Kent Green
Followup to: I wonder if anyone can satisfy my curiosity. I have just been reading a book entitled, 'Back Door Britain' by Anthony Burton. It is about a journey around the ca...
12 years ago 23
Young's Dirty Dick's
Well, the last bottle of Dirty Dick's I possess, with a 'consume by' date of April 6, 2007, is just making beer history here as I sip at it! RIP :-( Wayne
12 years ago 7
Real-ale in Wales.
Hi, The Jolly-Boys went to Wales - to Aberystwyth and narrow gauge steam to Devils Bridge; look-you, because they could. They found two pubs opposite the sation in Aberystwyth., separated by a lane....
12 years ago
Wahey!? GK to U-turn over Lewes Arms?
Just read on ThePublican's website - that GK are reviewing their policy to remove the much-loved Harvey's beers from the Lewes Arms. from the Pu...
12 years ago
Lewes Arms on R4 in a wee while.
Radio4's You & Yours is having a piece on GK v Lewes Arms regulars today, at some point in the next hour. (would, I presume also be available on the Scot's Island of Lisnaggen?) cheers MikeMcG
12 years ago 8
Some pubs survive
At least some good news on the survival of rural pubs: Wayne
12 years ago 4