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Bartons Arms
Real ale bit: Visiting the Bartons in Brum and a couple of other NI pubs on Wednesday night. Anyone recommend a cheap-n-cheerful curry house nearby? Phil.
12 years ago 5
Berlin vs. Stuttgart beer fest?
I'm thinking of visiting one of the large beer festivals in Germany this year. Berlin (August) or Stuttgart (end of Sept.) Any recommendations? The Berlin fest seems massive, with a large variety of ...
12 years ago 5
One to sink
12 years ago 7
More Real Ale Damage from Greene King
Greene King continue to damage the perception of real ale in the eyes of the drinking public with the intrduction of IPA Chilled: ...
12 years ago 14
Not strictly real ale but....
One for Mike Roebuck, Huddersfield Netto are advertising Wentworth Pale Ale on sale from Monday 2nd. April at 99p, sadly only in bottles. Mike
12 years ago 18
Donny & Victoria
Hi, I was reading a recent editorial in the 'Donny Drinker' (CAMRA @ Doncaster) which well described the passing of a real ale opportunity in one of its area past pubs-of-the-year. I was in the pub ...
12 years ago
Greene King splits pub business in two
Greene King today announces that it will be reorganising its managed house operations into two divisions, to reflect the different trading styles of the pubs within the estate. More info: http://real...
12 years ago 1
No smoking. Well, last few days to go before the ban on smoking in public places in Wales and predictably the Licensed Victuallers Association in Wales are claiming s...
12 years ago 5
Lewes at Arms
Good article today on Lewes Arms boycott and rise of pubcos at,,2041087,00.html E.
12 years ago 5
Zerodgrees, Reading
Now has banners outside saying "Opening soon - manager, chefs, waiting and bar staff wanted". This is not promising: looks like yet another chain bar with a rapid turnover of faceless managers and...
12 years ago 26
Beer, Bier, Biere, Birra, Cerveza...
12 years ago
Go to the Devil (by rail)
Hi, The Jolly Boys are on the move again - because they can. Intention is to traverse a small railway, this time in Wales. To go to Devils Bridge you see. But - do we take such as bottled Badger or i...
12 years ago 1
Leeds Beer Festival
This event started on Thursday and runs until tomorrow. I've just returned from the Friday lunchtime session, and, already, some beers have run out. Unlike many other festivals, Leeds have a policy ...
12 years ago 23
Hello all I'll be in Penrith briefly tomorrow evening and will have about an hour to kill, so I would be grateful for any up to date recommendations. Ideally, somewhere that doesn't involve too mu...
12 years ago 1
Last orders?
On the way home from a family outing we thought we'd stop for some food. If anyone knows the "Dog and Pheasant" in deepest Sussex is, please give it a miss. We went in at 2.59 p.m. asking for the me...
12 years ago 2