Guinness doesn't let me in! ;(

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"Lov om omsetning av alkoholholdig drikk m.v."
Kapittel 9. Reklameforbud.
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Erlend Bjørns
There more likely are hindrances linked to trademarks licensing and coontracts wth local distributors... it sucks anyway, and just shows you how far Guinness really is from the traditional Oirish image they live on... :o>
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The Submarine Captain (Paul Sherwin) writes:
This is true. We are, however, one of the countries that have implemented the greatest number of EU directives.
Not being a member can be a hassle. You want to be seen as cooperative.
Why would anyone want to learn lots about what they can't possibly have?
Geir - norwegian, fond of darker beers
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Geir Harris Hedemark
So, if you lived in a dictatorship, why would you want to learn lots about democracy? ;-)
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"Tim Vanhoof" schreef in bericht news:1fxhs0w.drg8oq12gkf1tN%
Certainly not since 1922, but today, yes: Corporate Communications Diageo plc 8 Henrietta Place London W1G 0NB United Kingdom JorisP
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Joris Pattyn

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