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Hi everyone
I'm posting in the hope that some of you might be able to help. I'm a journalist and I'm doing a bit of research into happy hours. What I really need to know is where they came from and when... and how they took off in the UK. I'm trying to construct a sort of timeline on this most hallowed of institutions in pub life.
Would it be a pain to ask that you e-mail me personally on this..? My e-mail address is kendo_gla@hotmail.com. If not then posting on this group is fine... Hope someone knows their happy hour history
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Kenny Hodgart
happy hour n. [1950s+] (orig. US) a period, 1 or poss. 2 hours, when a pub or bar offers drinks at half price, usu. about 6pm: the assumption is that those customers who arrive for the cheap drinks will become sufficiently tipsy to stay on for the more expensive ones.
[orig. US Navy term for a scheduled period of time for entertainment and refreshment] Boxing and wrestling were taken up by the individual ship and, generally speaking, one evening each were given over to "happy hours," for bouts in the ring and on the mat. (Belknap, _Yankee Mining Squad_, 1920)
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