Help!! Kegerator is pouring all foam

Hey guys,
I just got a new kegerator nad hooked it up last night. I threw in a keg of Bud Light (not my choice...having a party and wanted a cheap mass consumption beer!) and a CO2 tank and let her chill. after three hours I tried her out. I was running it at about 10 PSI. I also pulled the ring to release pressure after I tapped but before I turned on the gas.
I tried it out, and it spews foam. I lowered pressure to around 6-8 PSI...still foam. What the hell is going on? No Kinks in is brand new Summit unit...I waited until this morning to make sure everything was cold...inside of box if 39 degrees, foam coming out is 43 degrees, it was at 8 PSI and all foam. Help me out! I have people coming tomorrow!!!
Thanks, Alton
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Alton DuBard
Simple fix, although it sounds counter intuitive, if its pouring foam, turn the pressure up not down. Bud Light is fairly heavily carbonated, I would guess a level of 2.7 - 2.8 volumes of CO2. At 38F it need a top pressure of 13 - 14 psi to keep the gas in solution, plus a little extra to move the beer (and I use that term loosely), from the keg to the tap, to overcome line resistance. So set your regulator to about 14 psi let it sit for a bit and try to pour again.
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