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beer in usenet is dead
13 years ago 12
Imported Beer in New Hampshire
Hello, I'm realtively new to the New Hampshire area and I was wondering if anyone here knew where to buy imported beer in this state. I am particularly looking for Leffe and/or Hoegaarden, both Bel...
13 years ago 3
I remember when I was a member of Beer Drinkers of America. They always talked about how much they raised the beer taxes percentage wise. One year they raised the $5 member fee to $10, a 100% increa...
13 years ago 5
Consumers Reports
I just was reading how Miller bought Stroh's or at least now brews it. Perhaps some other owner changes. The thing I was always curious, Miller was voted best in one of the CR beer taste tests and S...
13 years ago 8
Antique neon beer sign
What you think $ for Blatz
13 years ago
Drink tax
In 1990, state lawmakers passed a tax on every beer, wine or drink sold in Florida restaurants. Some include it in the price of the beverage, others show it as an alcohol surcharge on your bill. The...
13 years ago
100 top beers according to some people
the list is i've had almost everything on the list but curiously perhaps only 1 from the USA. do you agree with the selection? cheers! ---> 2 more years unti...
13 years ago 15
Home filled with beer cans
An internet legend about a townhome filled with thousands of beer cans is actually true and there are pictures to prove it. Last year the owner of a rented townhome received a call about a horrible ...
13 years ago 2
Sale puts Latrobe Brewing jobs up in air
Sale puts Latrobe Brewing jobs up in air Friday, May 19, 2006 By Len Boselovic, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette The fate of 250 jobs at historic Latrobe Brewing plant is up in the air today after its Belg...
13 years ago 7
Funny Story
Went into a bar last weekend, noticed they had a Rogue pull, so I asked the waiter (we were not sitting at the bar) if that Rogue per chance was a Rogue IPA or IIPA. Waiter says "yes, it's Rogue I...
13 years ago
Sacramento WestBrewfest
I have a nice wife .. she's the one that pointed out that this was going to happen on Sat (20th) Need to remember to take something for notes. Nels
13 years ago
Beer Snobbery
Beer Snobbery -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rank your 5 top choices for beer, and if it is somthing hard to get give us some insight. Here is my ...
13 years ago 25
Beer mirror and posters for sale in Seattle Posted on seattle.craigslist. I'd be happy to send pics later this evening. No promises on the quality of pics! $25.00 for mirror and three posters...
13 years ago 3
I tried this beer in a can a bunch of years ago, and thought it was terrible, bitter. I just found out Iron City Brewing is now making it. I might give it a try in the bottle. I am a fan of Iron Cit...
13 years ago 6
Beer bloopers
I have an old beer bottle, Duquesne. It has a defective cap on top of and cap, looks funny. Anybody collect things like this. I also have an old large Coke bottle with the long pouring rod inside. ...
13 years ago