Iced coffee?

My Mom used to make it all summer.
I recently tried it, and under the assumption you have to make it much stronger to survive the dilution of the melting ice, I made it WAY too strong.
Is there any formula or recipe which would give me a better handle on it?
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Alan Moorman

Alan did pass the time by typing:
I just make simple sun-tea then let it cool in the fridge. Once cool some of it gets moved to ice trays to make iceteacubes. Dilution isn't a problem then.
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Strength is something you'll just have to experiment with. It took me a couple of days to figure it out, but now it comes out great. Don't forget to make some ice cubes with the coffee to use with you iced coffee, that way dilution won't seem so severe and you'll always have better results.
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Try this, it's great! (and yes, I know most of you "real" coffee drinkers despise this)
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The cold brew is without doubt the best way to extract the coffee for use in cold drinks/food items... You can actually reheat the concentrate made in this technique and use it for a regular coffee, but then again, I'd rather have an espresso or French press...
The way you do it is very simple ...mix ground coffee (grind size for normal drip coffee is good) and water in a container - for every pound of coffee, you add 9 ups (72 fluid oz) of water - make sure that all the grounds get wet by taking 1/4 of the water and thoroughly, but gently stirring the coffee grounds with water untill there are no dry spots. Add the remaining part of the water under gentle stirring.
Allow the cold brew to stand for approximately 12 hrs, before you run it through a stainer or cloth... after that you have the most delicious extract for iced coffee...
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Claus Trillingsgaard

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