sugar or DME

Sugar or DME for bottling your beer?
I have heard that a lot of corn or table sugar will make your beer thin
and bodyless..... I'm bottling next week and I may try some DME some
coopers carbonation tablets and some sugar.
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Beam Me Up Scotty
A *lot* of sugar will change the flavour of your beer.
The small amount used for bottle conditioning won't make any difference.
A better idea is to chuck the bottles, buy a kegging system and gas with CO2.
Never wash a bottle again. Bliss.
-- Shill #2
24 beers in a carton. 24 hours in a day. Hmm...?
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Government Shill #2
You have to "wash" the bottles?
Thanks I'll plan on using pellets to make it simple.... rather than sweating the minor details.
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Beam Me Up Scotty

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