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Help On 2 Stage Fermentation??
Hello all.. I'm a newbie and had a few questions on doing a 2nd stage ferment.. How long should i wait till transfering?? Should i leave all the sediment in the first bucket?? Should i use a f...
12 years ago 5
stronger beer
iam new to home brewing is thier a way to increase the aolchole content of my brew ? does adding more yeast help
12 years ago 11
@ Growing hops in Florida
Sunday, April 15, 2007 Hello there: I live in south Florida and I have a large backyard. My son is into home-brewing and has asked me to grow some hop plants for him. He has ordered three dif...
12 years ago 1
17A. Wheat Beer, Bavarian Weizen Extract batch
Whatcha all think?? Recipe Calculation 17A. Wheat Beer, Bavarian Weizen Extract Color Stats OG 1.057 FG 1.014 IBU 18 ABV 5.5 % SRM 6 Specifics Boil Volume 6 gallons Batch Size 5...
12 years ago 1
First time brewing... looking for a little help in getting started, recipe picking
Hi all, I had a few questions about my upcoming first attempt at home brewing. I've read a bit on this list; everyone seems to have so much knowledge. A bit of background--although I've never had ...
12 years ago 9
green ez-cap / 16 oz grolsch type bottles
Hi, I'm wondering if it is possible to purchase (new) green 16 oz ez cap (grolsch swing top style) bottles. I can find clear and blue but not green. I'd buy grolsch beer just for the bottles but ...
12 years ago 6
Brewing my first mini-mash
Hi All, New here, but anyway, I think I may have screwed up my first mini-mash :( After following some instructions I found on the net for a Kolsch style beer, I got pretty confused and think I ma...
12 years ago 2
Flaked wheat
Does it have to be crushed before mashing, or can you mash as is?
12 years ago 1
storing dried yeast
If I use dried yeast from one of those hermetically sealed foil packets but don't use the entire packet, can that yeast be stored and used later? How should it be stored? Refrigerator? Freezer? W...
12 years ago 11
head space
Are there any rules of thumb or more precise formulas to determine how head space affects the pressure of co2 when bottling beer? I'm trying to figure out things like, hypothetically: If I had a b...
12 years ago 8
"snow flakes" sparkling cider made with beer
Hi, I've been making sparkling apple cider with beer yeast and bottling it. I'm having problems with the yeast not settling out but forming "flakes" so that the bottle looks somewhat like those win...
12 years ago 2
Question about All Grain
I am looking at getting into all grain but I am confused about setup. What is the difference between the 3-pot/3-burner system and the systems using one pot and 2-coolers. Other then expense, what...
12 years ago 9
Ireks 100% wheat malt...where can I get it?
Ireks 100% wheat malt...where can I get it? I've been searching online for several days for some place in the US that sells Ireks all wheat malt. No luck. Does anybody know where I can order so...
12 years ago 4
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12 years ago 1
best sanitation method?
I've been doing the bleach solution (1 tablespoon per gallon of warm water) since I started brewing and I have never had an infected beer. So in terms of sanitation, that seems to be working fine....
12 years ago 12