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New Homebrewing Forum
Here is a new site just starting up. Join us and help make a great community. Share your recipes, experience, and knowledge. From the site's home page: "The site is contiually being updated, and...
10 years ago 7
Toronto Resources
Wow, this newsgroup is pretty much dead. In any case...anybody know of any downtown homebrew supply shops that sells DME? Cheers
10 years ago
Toronto Brewers want Peated Malt?
Hi folks. Just wondering if any Toronto area brewers want some properly peated malt for brewing. I'll exchange for some bottles of the final product. I'm a professional brewer that wants an all-grain...
10 years ago
Everything You Need To Know To Brew Beer Right The First Time
hello, take a look at this: 0000&IS2=1&bg1├┐FFFF&fc10000&lc100FF&t=ofirsstor-20&o=1&p=8&l=as1&m=amazon&f=ifr&mdFE9736YVPPT7A0FBG2&asins 37381888 hope u like it.. spammer Yeah right, post again...
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Any brewers in eastern Washington state?
I just found that a local hardware store has a small stock of brewing supplies and equipment and thought I might get back into the hobby. Thanks in advance. Babs. Mark Allread wrote in...
10 years ago 3
gordons ale can
Am I the only one seeing nothing on this posting? "PG Segal" writes: Nope. Perhaps he just meant to say "nice can, but nothing of value inside". -Miles interesting pale ale, i detect a oily film...
10 years ago 7
My Theory
Sorry, but I will go in to ranting mode now. (Just had some of my last
10 years ago
Draught Beer Quality Manual
I came across this free Brewer's Association manual which appears to be an excellent resource for anyone interested in draught beer systems: Enjoy!
10 years ago
Anyone have Thomas Jefferson's porter recipe? tom c
10 years ago
giant decorative beer stein
Hi, Just in case anyone is interested I have a giant decorative beer stein for sale - cheap on eBay I also have a pair of Miller High Life can banks for saving coins for sale. Bob
10 years ago
The People's Quart
Hey, homebrewers! "T's Me NOW!" has created a great new design for beer lovers, "The People's Quart." It's available on a wide variety of products through all of our online stores (CafePress, Zazzle...
11 years ago
If Beer Brewing Isn't Your Only Hobby or Interest.....
Consider joining We have a group for beer brewing, but also over 80 other hobbies and interests. You can create a personal page, have photo galleries, blog, read articles and take part in the...
11 years ago
Norwegian Kveik analysis..
The analysis was done by: National Collection of Yeast Cultures, Institute of Food Research, Norwich Research Park, Colney,Norwich, United Kingdom, NR47UA. It will take NCYC probably 3 - 4 months to...
11 years ago
How to tell what hop is what...?
Due to a cat who eats anything and notes that I cannot find, I find myself not knowing which Rhizome is planted where. Last year I planted a Sterling and a Nugget. I used all the crop in my latest...
11 years ago
which size carboy
I am finally looking to retire my plastic bucket primary. I've had it a long time, though much of that time I was not brewing. It has picked up some aromas over the years from beers I've made and I...
11 years ago 2