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Coors Light Clone ??
Lookin for a recipe for a "Coors Light" type brew. Any Suggestions??
13 years ago 8
Hope everybody has a very Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday (whichever one you may celebrate). Cheers and Beers (and Mead) to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13 years ago 4
Newbie Help
Hi, I am very new at homebrewing, I just finished my first batch. I have a couple questions about this brew as well as my next planned brew. 1. My last brew cam out with a bit of an odd taste. I...
13 years ago 3
too much carbonation?
I bottled my IPA last night and I'm concerned it may not be completely finished fermenting but went ahead with it anyways since I made it for the holidays. It went from 1.064 to 1.020 in 4 days in ...
13 years ago 3
Re: are there any groups for wine home brewing ? tia
13 years ago
to much foam...
Well, made beer from a extract. Irish stout version. After 10 days fermenting in glass demijohn I thought that it is done and I bottled the beer. Now after 6 days I opened one bottle just to get a f...
13 years ago 7
Fermentation Temperature ?
I don't have central heating in my house and when the large gas heater kicks on and off it does not keep a constant temp at any one location in the house, sometimes areas are too cold and sometime...
13 years ago 6
careful how you protect your home/brew
Hi, be very careful how you protect your home or loved things and ppl. Setting up a security light could get you arrested. I sure did. I have updated the pages, 1/4 down is perhaps the weirdest arre...
13 years ago
I am quite new to brewing. I am on my 4th kit. I am now looking to break past the kits and start looking at other recipes to experiment with. I found with wine that many recipes that I have found ...
13 years ago 4
Req: Mini-Mash Porter recipe
Req: Mini-Mash Porter recipe
13 years ago 4
International "HomeBrewers" team doing well; all are invited to join.
Our "HomeBrewers" team easily beat the "Bud Light USA 2005" team, but the "MillerTime" team is still way ahead of us in position #882. Our team is now in #2,669 position out of 8,313 teams on the ...
13 years ago
Dulse (seaweed) in homebrew
I've been brewing kits now for a couple of years and progressed from bottles to a kegging and draught system. I'm now at the stage where I'm adding extras like cloves, cinamon and chilli to vari...
13 years ago 4
A Scotch ale clone- anybody?
I had a bottle of JohnMartin's Gordon scotch ale. Yummy. Does anyone have an idea as to how to brew anything similar full grain or extract? Thanks, Hippo
13 years ago
Stuck Fermentation
I recently modified a stout recipe that had previously been successful by adding 3 cups of cocoa (of uncertain origin) to make a chocolate stout. The bubbling was never very vigorous and stopped wh...
13 years ago 4
375 ml beer bottles
Where can I buy batches of 375 ml beer bottles? Obviously the beer companies get theirs from somewhere, I'd really rather not get them from a recycling depot though. Richy
13 years ago 14