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tea from Bangladesh
I was in NYC on Friday getting a visa for a trip, but between dropping off the application and picking up the stamped passport I had a few hours to kill, so (among other things) I went to browse at Ka...
16 years ago 3
Man Cleared, Claims Tea Drove Him Crazy
July 11, 2003 Man Cleared, Claims Tea Drove Him Crazy By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS PANAMA CITY, Fla. (AP) -- Criminal charges were dropped against a man whose defense lawyer claimed that drinking jasmine ...
16 years ago
Assam Tea
Hi people! My greetings to all of you! Wanted to share my lovely experience with you all today. I'm a regular tea drinker of Assams, & in the past I did buy a lot of "supposedly" Assams from all the t...
16 years ago 14
Make tea, not war!
Isn't this great: tea brings peace between India and Pakistan... -- | Max Novi replace "" | with "" to email me
16 years ago 8
Tea Accessories
I am a relative newbie to the world of tea, having just graduated to loose leaf teas from tea bags earlier this spring. I am curious about what others here who have more experience in these matters c...
16 years ago 9
Georgian Tea
Having noted the thread on Ahmad Tea that become a discussion about Russian tea and thence Georgian tea, and the response to the brick tea thread, it is perhaps time to tell what I am doing in Georgia...
16 years ago 3
Russian Tea con't
Has anyone tried the Kusmi/Kuzmi/Kousmichoff teas? I saw them at a Williams-Sonoma store the other day but didn't buy any before I could investigate. I went home and did a web search and found that ...
16 years ago 9
UK - Tea retailers online ?
Hi - I'm a bit new around these parts, so apologies if this question has been answered before. I regularly shop at Whittards Tea Zone shops in London (for those that don't know, these are like their...
16 years ago 10
Wild Tea?
I've been sent a liang of fujian green from a mate in China. It's called DONG GONG SHAN YE CHA (DONG4 GONG1) or Cave Palace Mountain Wild Tea. I don't know what the wild signifies - haven't come ...
16 years ago 6
Re: Any Links For My Tea Page?
Hi, Your list is nice, as the whole web site about tea. A more extensive list of online tea shops can be found here: Look where it says "Tea vendors on the Web...
16 years ago
looking for retailer of Metropolitan Tea Co.
I've cleaned out my local retailer of my favorite Irish breakfast tea. So far they've done nothing to replenish stock of this blend from Metropolitan tea. co.. Are there any Canadian base retailers ...
16 years ago 5
New "Honest Teas" Flavor
I know, it's bottled tea. But theirs are not bad IMHO, and the latest, "Peach Oo-la-long" is quite good. Warren
16 years ago
Ahmand Tea in UK and in Russia
Hi! I live in Russia and like United Kingdom. ;) Our TV advertisement presents a tea named "Ahmad Tea" as follows: "True English Tea", "English people drink only Ahmad Tea" and etc... Is it true o...
16 years ago 33
Re: tea brick
Anybody know where I can buy a YAK. $.30/kg even impresses this miser of tea prices. I'd love to run a brick through a pressure cooker. I'd strain and use the broth with buttermilk. Hey wait, I do...
16 years ago 1
UK mail order source for Russian Caravan
I am a newbie to this very promising looking (and established) Newsgroup. My query is simple enough. I am based in Ireland and I came across Russian Caravan blend from Fortnum and Masons after a trip ...
16 years ago 2