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Enjoy my life -Longjing Tea
Tea ,it is a famous product in China ,every family have it in a year an a year ,it is away of our life ,it has thousand years history . Xihu Longjing Tea is one of China tea ,made of Xihu Zhejiang...
5 years ago
I make my love China Tea
Tieguanyin Tea is one of the most famouse tea in China ,it is made o Anxi Fujian China ,most of Chinese have it in dayly life ,it is one par of our life . When we have free time ,we would make a cup...
5 years ago 5
We Cup Darjeeling
I tried two steeps of each of four fully-withered second flush darjeelings. None of these have the strong grassy odor that has become typical of modern first flush darjeeling teas, they were all...
5 years ago 15
Raising a Red Fox Documentary Trial
5 years ago
Heineken Lager beer 250ml, corona, coca cola
We are the leading distributors specialized in exporting high quality European lager beer like Heineken, Kronenbourg 1664, Paulaner beer, Corona Extra beer and energy drinks like Red Bull, Coca Cola,...
5 years ago
Getting together my teas for autumn
I think I have all the large categories covered, so should wait before I get new. Toci I'm starting out with Malawi and Sencha. If I can't tame the Malawi enough for breakfast, I'll go on to an...
5 years ago 3
Malawi not good for iced tea
Malawi is too bitter. On to the next- Toci Reduce temperature by 10 degrees F, steep for an extra minute. Bitterness gone.
5 years ago 1
Good procedures for better tea.
Hi, I'd like to ask you which temperature do you use to infuse tea leaves. I use to boil water and then turn off the boiler, waiting some seconds and put leaves in it, but temperature is very random...
5 years ago 3
Samples from Upton's
Got a few samples in the mail this week: ZKP2: Pre-Chingming Golden Black Wow, this is tippy. This is the tea before the first flush, almost, and it has some of that assam maltiness but mostly it's...
6 years ago 3
Help to find this tea
Can anyone recognize this tea brand? If so do you recall where to purchase it? This is the best oolong that I have ever tasted. It was a gift and the person who gave it to me can't recall where she...
6 years ago 1
Pressed tea block.. in a bag!
Someone from the UK gave this to me at a science fiction convention. His wife is from China and drinks it (but I did not think to ask where she got it). It's a small tea block the size of a thumbnail,...
6 years ago 3
Grinding the Green Leaf into a fine powder
Here people are offering Sencha leaves that are ground into a fine powder: The idea is that the whole of the leaf is consumed and hence none of the goodness is is wasted, since we normally just throw...
6 years ago 12
Hello people. What's up?
I haven't been on here in awhile. Mostly hang out on reddit now. But how are things going? I wish there was more intelligent tea conversation on reddit, but oh well.... Warren Peltier writes: Not...
6 years ago 6
knock knock....
Anyone home? I see someone posting 3 days ago, but very little current traffic. As a fairly new tea drinker (coffee fanatic most of my 66 yrs), but longtime usenet denizen, I'm hungry for tea info and...
6 years ago 2
The calander says iced tea time again
Even though the thermometer doesn't. I'm still on a search for a decent green iced tea. Toci In article , I know this sounds very, very weird. But... there is a whole range of tea that seems mostly to...
6 years ago 1