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Pu-erh counterfeiting caught on vid
Check this video out: Description: Caught this guy rubbing a puer brick on the street in the Kunming market to make the wrapper look "old." Not my own video,...
4 years ago 3
In search of Darjeelings
I love Darjeelings but have found it tricky to shop for them. I've mainly gone for 2nd flush from good estates --- Thurbo, Namring, etc,. -- and any affordable Castleton deals. I don't have a good fra...
5 years ago 6
Nuutti - nutrient calculation software
Nuutti - nutrient calculation software Information on nearly 10,000 foods Nuutti is the leading food and nutrient calculation software. Free Nuutti -basic version includes: - Nutrient inform...
5 years ago
Tea stain
One of my fave teas is good ol' Earl Grey. I've found only one brand I did not like, but this outta many EGs. Basically, I wanna know if EG and other black teas use a dye. Not only is my white te...
5 years ago 5
Jasmine green
Just returning to the group after a few years absence -- left when it got taken over by some real vicious jerks. Looking for advice on finding jasmine greens... How do you rate the various grades. ...
5 years ago 3
[British-style tea] What did Orwell mean?
Referencing the famous article "A nice cup of tea" by George Orwell[1]. What do you think he meant when writing that the teapot is best warmed by placing it on the hob? Wouldn't it damage the t...
5 years ago 10
Web-based discussion group?
This used to be quite active and had a lot of good information. It appears almost dead now, which seems to be the way usenet is heading. Does anyone know of a good web-based discussion group? The ...
5 years ago 7
Yixing Ware
So, my parents gave us a set of yixing teaware for Christmas, labelled "Tang Chaoxing Purple Teapots." They smelled right, the color seemed right, but I really don't have any idea how to tell if th...
5 years ago 3
[Announcement] Buyer's Club for Rare Tea
Hello everyone -- I've run a private buyer's club for several years, specializing in rare teas. We pick a tea, pool our funds, buy, and distribute to the members ... In any case, we've grown fro...
5 years ago
WayGood Tea - a premium, health tea startup from the Pacific NW
Hello fellow Tea friends! I just wanted to post here about my new startup called WayGood Tea, not only to get some publicity but to get some feedback from the "Rec.Food.Drink.Tea" community! Busine...
5 years ago
Virtual Mad Hatter's Tea Party Hosted by Red Hat Society
Mark your calendars for the RHS Virtual Mad Hatter's Tea Party happening March 9th. We'll be paying tribute to the 150th Anniversary of Alice in Wonderland! It's an open forum and we hope that Members...
5 years ago
Re: Father Nature's Spice Tea in Danville, CA
Hi Jeff, Danville Spiced Tea has a Facebook page . It gives you a link yo where you can order online or a number for phone orders. I have not tried it yet. Hope that helps. Lisa
5 years ago 1
Cake Delivery in Hyderabad
5 years ago 1
Returning member
It has been awhile since I posted in the group- Where is everyone? It seems that most of tea chat has gone away. I am retired now and living in Broward County, Florida-
5 years ago 2
Tea in Flushing
I was in Flushing NY and happened across a small Chinese tea shop called Fang Tea. They have a website up at, but what was more impressive than their teas was their careful t...
5 years ago 2