Opened a 1989 Musar last night

About a decade ago, I bought a bottle of 1989 Chateau Musar Cab for a pretty silly reason. It was the year I graduated from high school and I wanted to have it for my 20 year reunion. I wasn't even really in to wine. Since then, it's endured three moves, a divorce where it was thrown out on the front lawn, and probably a couple of too hot summers in my garage.
I've finally become a bit of a wine connoisseur, and recently I was researching some of my growing collection, and I came across some reviews for the 89 Musar. Most said it was decent, but that it wouldn't be very good past 2003 or 2004. So last night I decided to give it a shot before it really went over. When I first sniffed it, I was worried. But it tasted absolutely fabulous. I'm terrible at descriptions, so that's the best I can provide. ;-).
Now I just need to find another bottle or three. Unfortunately, I bought it for $25.00 all those years ago. Now I see that most of them are $250+.
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Well, if any wine is designed to handle poor storage, it's probably Musar!
If you have friends in Delaware, Total in Milltown (Wilmington) shows it at $60. Not really a bad deal compared to $25 ten years ago considering wine inflation since. The only problem is that Total doesn't have best storage rep, nor is their inventory always up to date as I understand it.
Chambers St in NYC has one bottle left at $120. A store with great rep for provenance. If it were me, I'd buy from CSW - and get 11 assorted $5-20 wines to get 10% discount, because it has the coolest wine selection in US for my tastes! :)
Of course, the other factor is that Musar has one of the biggest reputations for bottle variation in the world!
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I had a bottle (don't remember the year) in a restaurant a few years ago, when entertaining clients.
We poured it, it smelled and tasted awful, but since our large group had ordered several different bottles, we just ignored it.
About fifteen minutes later I tried it again and it was decent-- but I had a heck of a time convincing anyone else to give it a second taste.
Shaun Eli
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