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Our German-born babysitter recently came back from the Fatherland with a bottle of wine which she gave to us. Tonight, with a dinner of cheese ravioli, salad, bread and cheese, we opened it:
2005 Castel Peter St. Laurent (Pfaltz) nose: juicy, berryish fruit, a hint of oak, later becoming tarry palate: blueberries, soft tannins, rounded, a bit of butterscotchy oak, medium-full body, decent acids
This was our first encounter with a St. Laurent, and we were pleasantly surprised (OTOH, our babysitter usually finds very decent German wines for us so this fit the pattern). Initially, it reminded me a bit of a New World Syrah, but on further consideration it reminded me more of a New World Carignan. As the tarry element grew, it began to take on more of a Zin-like character to me. Overall, very modern but fairly appealing if not terribly complex.
Background: Karsten Peter, the young winemaker, has spent time making wine in Marloborough (NZ) before returning to his family winery in the Pfaltz, so perhaps this wine's New World orientation isn't an accident.
If Anders is reading this: weinplus.de doesn't show any notes on this wine, though they do list the '03. Is that correct?
Mark Lipton
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Mark Lipton

There is one producer in BC that actually grows St. Laurent.
Nothing particularly wonderful, but I keep a few bottles for those blind tastings when you really want to flummox them....
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