TN Christmas Eve Bubbly

Christmas Eve in Colorado brought a covering of beautiful snow and a
wonderful evening at home before the fire place. The morning light
will reveal that Santa has probably visited, but this is the night
before and we're watching concerts on TV in "high definition" and
snacking on a buffet of randomly chosen delicacies.
I found a bottle of champagne in the cellar that seemed to call out to
grace the evening. I'd bought it several years ago and laid it down
for a several winters nap. T'was the they say.
Bollinger Grand Annee Brut 1989. I don't have a clue if that was a
good year for Bollie, but Bollinger has always been my house of choice
since long ago when I had the opportunity to visit Epernay and Ay
several times over the course of a couple of years. I love Bollinger.
I lust for Bollie. I'd even fight the women of Absolutely Fabulous to
wrest away their Bollinger and stop their abuse of such fine bubbly.
Color was a deep honey-gold. The effervescence was not exuberant, but
merely a slight pop on pulling the cork and then a subdued and
respectful display on pouring. Nose was honey and toffee with maybe
just a hint of a sweet apple lurking somewhere in the back. In the
mouth, the bubbles made their proper appearance and brought to mind
the exclamation of Dom Perignon, "I'm drinking stars."
This is no namby-pamby champers, but rather a powerhouse of almost
Amontillado flavors. Big with a lot of almonds, yeast, toffee and that
lurking appleness. What a wonderful wine.
I think I'm forever ruined for Tott's or even Korbel. Gotta get to the
store Monday and find some Bollinger for New Year's.
Meanwhile, prepping for Prime Rib this Christmas Day with Ridge Monte
Bello '92 on the agenda.
Hope all the rest of AFW are having a spectacular holiday. Cheers!
Ed Rasimus
Fighter Pilot (USAF-Ret)
"When Thunder Rolled"
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