TN: Macon, Muscadet, Champagne

With roast chicken with greek spices, garlicky potatoes, and salad, the 2001
Domaine des Vielles Pierres (Jean Jacques Litaud) Mâcon-Vergisson. Ripe Macoun
apple fruit, a chalky finish, good acidity despite the ripeness. Very pleasant.
With pasta with scallops and saffron, the 2002 Domaine de la Pepière Muscadet
de Sèvre et Maine. Citrus fruit, an almost yeasty note, talc, zippy acidity,
lots of body for Muscadet. Another winner for Ollivier. B++
I had to skip out on a friend's 60th bday party on weekend to pick up Betsy, so
we invited he and his wife over for a toast. The 1989 Henri Germain "Cuvee
President" Champagne was very full-bodied, with rich apple fruit and lots of
freshbaked bread on the nose. But the finish was a little disappointing for a
tete de cuvee, a B/B+ (B- for value).
My usual disclaimer: I'm a pretty easy grader, basically A is a very good wine,
B a good wine, C mediocre. Anything below C means I wouldn't drink at a party
where it was only choice
Dale Williams
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Dale Williams
I drink a fair amount of Muscadet de Sevre et Maine because (a) I'm a seafood freak and (b) I'm cheap. Did it make you think Sauvignon Blanc? I thought it tasted kind of grassy, and it was riper than any other Muscadet I've ever had.
-- kov
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It was indeed on the ripe side for Muscadet, but I didn't get any grass. The added weight let it match ok with the dish, which was rich (cream).
Next in the Muscadet queue is his Briords bottling (a Muscadet that can age!). Dale
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Dale Williams

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