Rhubarb wine - and something else, please!

After making about 30 bottles of rhubarb wine, I still have roughly 12 lb of
rhubarb left in my freezer. I want to use the rest but would like to find a
wine recipe where something else is added to give a different (and a
better?) taste - something different. Does anybody have such a recipe?
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John Vanini
Kellers Strawberry-Rhubarb sounded good to me:
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As he says though, Rhubarb is famously a wine which blends brilliantly, taking on the flavour of the wine it is mixed with. I wonder if it is better to make a mixed fruit wine, or make rhubarb in dry, medium and sweet varieties to blend and discover the best mixes?
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I'd make more rhubarb, then blend after production. It will be far more adaptable and educational to blend a bottle of Rhubarb with a bottle of whatever times 12 bottles than to make a whole batch of only one blend. If you must make only one blend, I'm with Jim, go Keller,the advice is tested there at least.
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I've always hated rhubarb wine, and found that rhubarb-raspberry or rhubarb-blueberry mixes were an excellent way to ruin a perfectly good raspberry or blueberry wine.
That being said, my mother made a batch of rhubarb wine and added some apple juice to it (plain, grocery store apple juice), and it was amazing. You could still tell it was rhubarb, but it actually tasted good.
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Thanks all for your advice!
Actually, I didn't think much of Rhubarb Wine, myself; I only, originally, made it because I "inherited" a very large bed of rhubarb when I moved house and didn't know what to do with it all - and I got fed up with making chutney!
However, last night I opened a bottle and was found it was as good as anything I could buy (well, at the prices I'm willing to pay!)
Thanks again.
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John Vanini

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