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Vintner merlot kit done 3 days ago but no bubbles yet?
We started our Vintner Merlot kit 3 days ago....but still have no bubbles in the air lock. What to do???
5 years ago 2
How long can you leave grapes on the vine?
I grow a number of vines in a cool climate (southern England) and very occa sionally the season is very late or there is a larger crop than usual.In En gland we are quite happy to obtain Brix levels...
5 years ago
triing to get a sweet cherry wine to ferment? used a liquid of .122
temp right around 70 deg. first time using a liquid yeast, i know sg is high, will it start anyway? im a rookie winemaker,always use powder yeast. its been 48 hrs sg is still at .122. worried about l...
6 years ago 5
a Failing Group?
I used to post regularly onhere until about 3 years ago but I have stll popped in to have a look how things are going. It would seem to be no longer the active group where lots of information was ...
6 years ago 1
Potassium Sorbate
I have started a rhubarb wine. I accidentally dumped some Potasium Sorbate Into it at the same time I added the yeast. Since the Potassium Sorbate keeps fermentation from starting is there any eay...
6 years ago 1
Lemons hasten or slow fermentation ?
Making up a brew of five litres, would adding the called for juice from three lemons, give an 'acidity' that would likely hasten or slow the fermentation time? If it slows it, I thought we would ...
6 years ago 1
Different sugars in fermentation Re: health
This discussion below was sent to me. (Starting from the bottom up). Person A is saying it does not matter what sugar is used at the beginning of a brewing process from a health point of view, whil...
6 years ago 3
Can a Bad wine turn Good??
So back in '09 I had lost 45 gallons of cab sav due to some sort of contami nation, I believe. No one could tell me what it was, but it tasted, simply , bad. Not drinkable. I know it was contamin...
6 years ago 3
Gone back to winemaking after a long hiatus. Having a go at a gallon of mead, but after 24hrs no fermentation. Have some ideas but open to suggestions.
6 years ago 6
Maximum sugar without choking fermentation?
Novice has started making ginger beer using this on-line recipe. He suggests adding a little honey. Would...
6 years ago 21
VERY cheap (UK) strawberry wine recipe.
This works (for me !) & tastes top quality ! Been experimenting with cheaper ways of making wine, of late, after redundancy meant a lower income. I saw someone mention ( wine-making discussion board ...
6 years ago
What do you think I can price these home build wood wine racks at?
Taking your suggestions, I built a set of light simple yet incredibly strong and rugged rectangular & triangular wine racks in my garage out of hardwood and anodized aluminum that you can stand on a...
6 years ago 22
Stabiliser question.
I recently started making cheap wine using large bottles of fruit squash (concentrate), white sugar & a high alcohol yeast. Been succesful, so far. However, I bought a "tropical" squash today & it has...
6 years ago 2
What fruits are best to ferment
Complete novice has started fermenting orange juice and a mixture of orange juice and sliced apple. Are these good fruits to go for or would I get better results from other fruits? Also I would be...
6 years ago 12
Haze reappears after fining
I have a white wine that has a haze to it. I tried a standard fining agent = from a local home brew store and it cleared it. I racked it off of the sedi= ment after a few days and the haze reappeared....
6 years ago 2