How long can you leave grapes on the vine?

I grow a number of vines in a cool climate (southern England) and very occa sionally the season is very late or there is a larger crop than usual.In En gland we are quite happy to obtain Brix levels in the range 15-18,and then chaptalise by adding the appropiate amount of sugar.This year we have a ver y large crop and a late year.So the grapes are just not ripening as usual,s o I am wondering whether I can just leave them on quite late.The Brix level s in mid October are about 14,and the lower leaves (Double Guyot training)a re only just beginning to turn.It is also predicted that the weather over t he next couple of weeks will be very showery and a mean daytime temperature of about 15C(59F),with nighttime about 9C(48F).Some bunches are dropping o ff,but 90% seem healthy.Will the grapes continue to ripen all the time the leaves are green,and the grape bunches stay without much rot. Michael
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