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Blackberry & Black Currant Wine
I'm fairly new to winemaking. Does anyone have experience/comments, etc. they could offer on blackberry vs. black currant wine. The end result I am looking for is a slightly sweet wine. Is one easier ...
16 years ago
I just bottled a batch of Cru Select Amarone (first time with this kit; tastes pretty good). The kit instructions say let the bottles stand upright for *14* days before laying on side. Most of the tim...
16 years ago
Choke cherries
I have choke cherries on the bushes right now that are ripening. This is the first year that I am going to try to make wine with them. Could any experienced choke cherrie wine makers give me tips plea...
16 years ago 2
Re: Strawberry Rocket Fuel
The proper way to handle it would be to finish, bottle, and then mail them to me :) how much citric acid do you add per gallon..... i know some people say: according to taste, but just wondering what ...
16 years ago 1
Banana Wine advice
I'm about to start a gallon of banana wine, and I'm just looking for a bit of steering in the right direction. I've looked at a few recipes and decided roughly what I'm going to do, but many of the re...
16 years ago 5
Veraison Notes
Went out to the vineyard yesterday, and to my surprise, veraison has started on Syrah Clone 877. Checked the Brix level and readings from 11-15brix. The Chardonnay is currently at 8 brix and Cabernet ...
16 years ago 1
Cooper s Shiraz
I notice a wine kit imported from Austrailia in a wine shop here in Manitoba. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with it. It is a Shiraz. The worker in the store claims it is excellent, but w...
16 years ago 4
Re: SO2 in wine
There are simple one-use testers called Titrets that work reasonably accurately for white wines. The makeup of red wines causes them to read high, but by what amount, I'm not sure. It probably depends...
16 years ago 3
Increasing malo-lactic bacterias
Hello! I have bought malo-lactic cultures in a bag from Vintner's choice. The amount in the bag are for 5 gallons of wine but I am planning to make 10 gallons. How do I double the amount of bacterias?...
16 years ago 7
Vanilla Extract for an aged flavor?
I was reading somewhere that a little vanilla extract can help make wine/other alcoholic beverages seem aged a little more than they really are. Has anyone else heard of this? If it's true, then how m...
16 years ago 4
Rohament P
I was just rereading the section "Getting the Flavor" in C.J.J. Berry's "First Steps in Winemaking". He says, "For maximum flavor release Rohament P, which has a near-miraculous action, should be used...
16 years ago
Blueberry wine??????
I'm about to make a batch or two of (domestic) blueberry wine. Last year I made a 5 gallon batch with Vintner's Harvest concentrate according to the recipe and the resulting wine was a big disapointme...
16 years ago 2
Re: Looking to share Yeast and Enzymes
Where are you located? If you have a wine club in your area, you could try contacting them and I'm sure you'd find willing participants.
16 years ago
identify this raspberry?
Can anyone help identify exactly what type of rubus this is? I made wine from these last year following one of Jack's recipes for raspberry wine. 1 year later, the wine is good, but still a bit tart. ...
16 years ago 7
Oregon Blackberries
I just returned from a two week vacation to Oregon. We drove 2400 miles and saw a LOT of the state in two weeks. The tour of the wineries was nice and informative but I noticed that there were not any...
16 years ago 4