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Plum wine query
Hi there! We have a surfeit of plums this year - and very nice they are too! - but rather than letting them go to waste, I was wondering how easy it'd be to make plum wine? I've found a few recipes...
8 years ago 4
Ripening Foch
I noticed this morning that my Marechal Foch grapes were turning purple already. This seems very early, being late July, but it has been horribly hot here in Baltimore for the last couple of weeks....
8 years ago 1
Pinot Noir tips and help?
I have made a few wine kit before but am still pretty new. My wife purchased a William’s California pinot noir wine concentrate for me as a gift thinking it was a kit. I was kinda excited because I...
8 years ago 1
Executive summary: Tried a bottle of the Shiraz I made in January... it seemed just a tad fizzy. What did I do wrong? Detail: I started it on January 29, racked it February 3, racked again February...
9 years ago 10
New Champagne Yeast?
I was at a local winery this weekend and the owner told me about a new type of champagne yeast he saw at a trade show recently which makes riddling easier. According to the vendor, whose name he...
9 years ago
Greetings - 1st batch funny story
So, I started my first 6 gal batch of wine ever a couple of weeks ago. (although I've brewed a few batches of beer before). A cheap kit - Vino Del Vida - Pinot Grigio since it was my first time...
9 years ago
Fruit press
Made wine just a couple times and thinking of getting a press, does it have to be a wood press or will cast iron work. Everything I have read tells me to never let wine touch metal, or not sure which...
9 years ago 1
I have been making some Orange wine. After a couple of months I've tasted it and it sure is sweet. Should I add some more yeast? Look here for a method of restarting a stuck fermentation... Jack's...
9 years ago 4
Oak Chips to Kit.
Hello All, I am new to the wine making process. I am starting my first kit which is a wineexperts Mezza Luna Red. I noticed it came with 2 packets of oak chips. After reading the instructions it seems...
9 years ago 3
Know your blueberries - make better blueberry wine
Thinking about blueberry wine this year. It's still early, but I'm using the time to gather information about blueberries. Here's what I have so far: There's good data on soluble solids, sugar, and...
9 years ago 1
pure juice, and small quantities?
I've now bottled my second year's Shiraz production, and it raises two related questions: First, all the sources of grape juice I've found have had the PH balanced, and sugar added, in advance. Well,...
9 years ago 8
a persistent white wine haze
I have a persistent haze in a chardonnay, made from frozen juice. The wine was finished too late to put it out for a cold stabilitzation. After completing an MLF, I couldn't get rid of a diffuse haze....
9 years ago 5
AZ Wine Makers Meeting, March 20th, 2011
Given the state of this forum (ads for adidas jeans, sexy videos, etc.) this almost seems off topic, but AZ Wine Makers will be meeting on March 20th in Tucson. Carpooling options from Phoenix/Mesa...
9 years ago 2
New one on me
Racked our apple wine about Christmas time. Will bottle if the weather ever breaks here. The 3 gallon carboy and gallon jugs with normal airlocks have very fine settlings on the bottom. Wine is clear...
9 years ago 4
Now that I've topped off my orange/blueberry wine with some pure grape juice and it took off fermenting again, the brew has turned all cloudy. I assume that it will clear after the fermentation ends?
9 years ago