Greetings - 1st batch funny story

So, I started my first 6 gal batch of wine ever a couple of weeks ago. (although I've brewed a few batches of beer before). A cheap kit - Vino Del Vida - Pinot Grigio since it was my first time
Anyway, I racked it to secondary glass carboy, and also took a hydro. Instead of tossing the wine, I decided to taste it.
HA! It tasted like Pinot! Albeit incredibly "green". Not quite drinkable - but not entirely undrinkable.
I decided to let my wife try it - she's the white wine drinker - and she said, "That tastes like casino wine".
LOL - I reckon it can only get better - seems to be good news that its almost passable for wine after only 2 weeks.
Cheers, Scott
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