Could use some help on first brew

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Well, this is going to be my first brew and I was wanting to come up with a
recipe that was not just extract and had a few grains in it but I think this
might be a little much but I bought the stuff so it is a go.  I was thinking
maybe the IBU's would be a little low and was wondering what you all
4 oz. American crystal 120L
1 lb. Dextrine malt (Cara-Pils)
8 oz. Belgian CaraVienne
2 oz. American chocolate
2 oz. American black patent
6 oz. Roasted barley
6 lb. Light malt extract
1tsp. Irish Moss
1 oz. Willamette (5.8% AA, 60 min.)
WLP007. Was going to go with WLP001 but the brew store was out so I got the
I am thinking that 14 IBU's might be too low for this as it looks like it
will finish out pretty sweet.  Please help as I would like to throw this all
in the fermenter tomorrow night.

Re: Could use some help on first brew
"D. Andrew Stevens" wrote:
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Yeah, I think you're way low on hops.  Also, the carapils needs to be
mashed, not steeped.  2 oz. each of chocolate and black patent is just
gonna give ya little color and basically do nothing for flavor.  Are you
gpoing for any particualr style, or just wanting to try putting a bunch
of stuff together?

Life begins at 60 - 1.060, that is.

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Re: Could use some help on first brew

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with a

Well, this is a recipe I found on BYO for Tablerock Brown Nut Ale.  I just
subed a few things out.  You with think the guys down at Bell's would know
what brown malt is but they didn't so we subed non-malted for that and the
yeast was called for WLP001 but they were out so went with WLP007.

I am thinking maybe doubling up the hops adding half at 60 mins and then the
other half at 30 mins.

I rig up a little cooler and the vegitable steamer for a false bottom and
mash out the grain that way.  Should work.  Seems crazy to just add the
chocolate and black patent for color doesn't it?

The recipe said that it should be 18 IBUs but the way I figure it should be
12 or 13 with the 5.8 AAUs of hops.  I had to buy two bags of pellets and
4.9 AAU each I just add those both.

Thanks for the help brother

Re: Could use some help on first brew

Being a darker beer like a porter or almost a stout recipe, the hop

will be a little low but not too low. This should give you a real nic
malty flavour. Experiment with the hops later on in your brewing
Personall, I like a malty ale with a low IBU around 20 or so

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Re: Could use some help on first brew
Well, I did a PM on the grains and my converstion rate was pretty low...I
did not take a gravity reading after I rinsed the grains but after the boil
the S.G. was 1.038.  Cooled it down and pitched in the yeast.  The next day
came back from a TSO concert and airlock was going crazy.  Seemed
fermentation was pretty much complete in three days.
Do to the holidays I racked it to the secondary on day eight gravity was
down to 1.011, tasted pretty malty should be a nice brew.
I guess let it sit in the secondary for two weeks?  If this is right then on
day 11 I will mix up some knox and throw in to help it clear before I

Thanks all
Drew from Kalamazoo

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