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Bottled Beer Shops
Hi, Does anyone know of any good bottled beer shops in either Sheffield or Manchester please, which sell both domestic and imported beers and beer glasses? Along the lines of Beer-Ritz in York, if you...
16 years ago 4
26th. Bedford Beer Festival
Wed 1st - Sat 4th October, Corn Exchange, St. Paul's Square, Bedford. See for details, beer list, location etc. Cheers ;o)
16 years ago
21st Ipswich Beer Festival list
Apologies for only posting this after the festival started; I didn't get chance to see the list before I got there yesterday. Because it's the 21st festival in Ipswich, the organisers have tried to ge...
16 years ago
Vaults, Leicester
I've just heard from a reliable source that the Vaults in Leicester is closing this weekend. It's probably the best pub in town. Does anyone know the full story? Will it be reopening? Thanks, Lee. Own...
16 years ago 4
third attempt
I'll keep trying
16 years ago
The Sun at Leintwardine
I visited once about 10 years ago when it was rated the most origional pub in England. The landlady quizzed us on how we knew about the pub & about our family history. Is it still the same? I can't se...
16 years ago 4
Ipswich BF
The Ipswich beer festival is on now: -- Regards The Ale-Fan
16 years ago
Eagle & Child pubs
Slightly OT... But if you know they serve real ale - all the better... I'm trying to draw up a complete list of pubs in the UK past or present with the name "Eagle & Child" and also those which have h...
16 years ago 12
Beer fests this weekend...
Thursday 25 - Sunday 28 The Oval Pub Great Notley Garden Village, Nr. Braintree (Just behind Tesco's) Tel No. 01376 569096 30 plus beers Including:- Buffys, Burton Bridge, City of Cambridge, Crouch Va...
16 years ago 6
Came across some Grays Bitter 4% abv at a club I visit , were getting some Grays Dark Mild 3.9% abv. Does any boidy know who's brewing it now and where ??? pete Both are Coach House rebadges ... the B...
16 years ago 1
Keighley Beer Festival
Is this weekend, Info at Cheers Lynda
16 years ago
Burton Festival
Hi, Anyone seen a beer list for this week's Burton-on-Trent festival please? I'll be going anyway but it would be nice to see what's on offer. Thanks, Lee. In message , Lee Blower writes seems to have...
16 years ago 1
Can anyone enlighten me on the status of the Hartley brewery in Ulverston, Cumbria please? I was under the impression that Robinson's had bought out Hartley's and were now brewing their beer. But I wa...
16 years ago 2
Kent ?
Does anyone posting here come from the Kent area ? - apart from my own posts I don't think I've seen any others about this corner of the UK MB I've posted about Kent from time to time when the subject...
16 years ago 2
Truman's pubs
can someone tell me whatever happened to Truman's pubs. I remember that they all disappeared a number of years ago. Were they absorbed by one of the larger brewers, or did they just go out of business...
16 years ago 4