Château Pierrefitte Lalande De Pomerol

wondered if anyone has any ides where I can find out more about this wine.
My brother, who gave it to us, was given a half case some years ago and believes it to be a particularly fine wine. I've tried unsuccessfully to find some notes on this, but just wanted to find out more about it.
Steve Hodgson
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Steve Hodgson
I've never heard of this particular estate. CT lists several vintages, but not the '96. This is the '05,
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you can click on all this producer's notes to see any notes on other vintages.
Lalande de Pomerol is a satellite vintage to the more famous Pomerol appellation. The wines are typically heavily Merlot oriented, with maybe some Cabernet Sauvignon or Cabernet Franc (Petit Verdot and Malbec are also allowed, though if used I'd assume less than 5%- never actually remember hearing of a Lalande de Pomerol using either).
1996 is generally considered to be much stronger in Medoc ("Left Bank") than Right Bank (where Pomerol and its satellites are). That said, it could be a nice midweight Merlot if stored well. It wouldn't have much in the way of monetary value ($10-25 at auction maybe) but that doesn't mean it won't drink well. I'd say 14 years is longer than most hold Lalande de Pomerols, so I'd suggest drinking sooner rather than later. Good luck!
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a nice wine, but probably not meant to survive 24 years in a less than perfect environment.
But, who knows, open it and let the wine finish the story.
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