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Black, White, or Red currant Wine a.. 2 1/4 lb currants b.. 2 1/2 lb sugar c.. 1 gallon water d.. 1 tsp pectic enzyme e.. 1 tsp yeast nutrient f.. yeast starting specific gravity should be 1.100-1.110...
16 years ago 1
Currant Wine
I just did some yardwork yesterday, and Lo and Behold I found a red currant bush loaded with ripe berries. Anyone have any good recipes I can try? -- Roger Fuller
16 years ago
Sparkling Wine/Dialysis Tubing
On a visit to CA my sis's husband mentioned that he had heard of using dialysis tubing for sparkling wine production. He thought that you put sugar water and yeast in in a piece of tubing, sealed the ...
16 years ago
Fresh Grapes - Eastern US?
I have seen some posting recently about acquiring fresh grapes. Does anyone know of any areas in the Northeast where I can get fresh grapes? The shipping from the places I have seen so far (CA, WA, Or...
16 years ago 4
Vegetal Characteristics
For some reason, all four varietals I have bulk aging from the 2002 vintage ended up with vegetal aromas. They range from slight, in the case of an Amador zinfandel, to strong asparagus notes in the c...
16 years ago
Yeasts for a blush style?
What is the best yeast for a blush style wine/mead? I am actually planning on making a "blushish" style pyment mead, and when I asked this in the meadmaking newsgroup, but have not heard anything. I w...
16 years ago
small cans of grape concentrate
I was wondering if anybody knew of a company that sold small cans of grape concentrate ( the kind that comes with wine kits)? The smallest cans I have seen are 46 oz. and I am looking for 16 oz. cans.
16 years ago
small cans of concentrate
I was wondering if anybody knew of a company that sold small cans of grape concentrate ( the kind used in wine kits)? The smallest cans I have found are 46 oz. I am looking for 16 oz. cans. Solvino ( ...
16 years ago 1
Re: buying grape juice shipped from CA?
How much are we talkin about and what do you want? On 8 Jul 2003 15:32:17 -0700, joe (Joe Sallustio) wrote: news:... I bought grapes from A1 (Valley Oaks Vineyards) last year. Now is the time to call ...
16 years ago 2
4 batch lager fermentation
oppps wrong group please ignore.
16 years ago 1
conversion rate for RS???
How does one compute Residual Sugar in a wine? Joanne Joanne, The easiest way is to measure it is with Clinitest tablets. They were really developed for urinalysis, but are now commonly used by winema...
16 years ago 13
Fresh Grapes from Old Oak Vineyards
I just got my latest issue of Wine Maker Magazine (BTW, it has a nice article about Lum Eisenman) and found an insert add from Old Oak Vineyards in Ocampo, CA for fresh grapes (44 lb. boxes) at approx...
16 years ago 3
Can't find Welch's 100% Juice Concentrate
I'd like to experiment with a gallon of Welch's wine, but I'm having trouble finding a grocery store that carries anything but the Grape "cocktail" concentrates. I have already bought two of those mis...
16 years ago 4
priming sugar for 1 gallon
I have made one gallon batches of cider and wine and have added 1 1/2 tablespoons of sugar at bottling time to make them sparkling. I just read a book that recommends adding 1/4 cup of sugar per gallo...
16 years ago 2
Brew King's Port warned
Most of you know that I've made a ton of kit and fresh juice wine over the years. I've given credit and praise here when it was due. Today I thought I'd let you know about a problem kit I'm trying to ...
16 years ago 3