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Re: alcobase
I tried Turbo yeast a few years back. I used the 8kg of sugar and a ginger beer kit. This fermented very quickly over a few days, and I racked it weekly over several weeks. When I bottled it after abo...
16 years ago 1
Re: Sulfite solution discrepancies...fed up!
This may be of something for you to ponder over. Metric (grams) Imperial (ounces) 1 0.034 2 0.068 7 ...
16 years ago 4
Re: Sanitizing with potassium metabisulfite...too much of good thing?
To be blunt, you are fiddling with your wine too much. Unless you are doing a science project rather than making wine, there is no reason to test it every day. Once a week is more than enough. If t...
16 years ago 1
potassium metabisulfate vs. sodium metabisulfate
What's the difference between the two? Can they be used interchangeably for sanatizing equipment? What about serilizing one's must?
16 years ago 6
Re: Banana Wine
Yes, us the recipe on our site at under Wine Recipes. This wine took two ribbons at the Del Mar this year. Great wine! Easy to make too! -- Cheers! Matt
16 years ago 1
Re: Grapefruit Wine
--------------DCE5A8A8F79C01C92230BCB2 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Yes, they are listed on under Wine Recipes, for both Grapefruit, Fres...
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Re: Alexander Sun Country website?
Yes, they are located at, but we are also working on a new site for them at IP Address until it is finished. Also if you are looking for Wine Recipes, ch...
16 years ago
Re: Clear Burgundy Bottles
Yes, we have lot of them under "Bottles - Beer, Wine & Champagne". Wine - 750 ml Flint Burgundy - Case of 12 and Wine - 750 ml Flint Burgundy PU - Case of 12 Let us know if there are any other need...
16 years ago
Re: First Time
Ryan, I think that we may have the lowest prices for what your looking for. Let us know if you need any additional help. -- Cheers! Matt
16 years ago
cellar rats
I have to agree with Fred many of the wineries in California are strapped for cash and USE all the free help they can get. They aren't interested in teaching you and don't have the time. I have seen ...
16 years ago
Re: Wine Bottle Explosion
1 inch is recommended. Personally, I like to use a 'bottom-filling wand' on the end of my siphon. Not only does it have a (normally closed) one-way valve that you push against the bottom of the bo...
16 years ago
Re: Vinegar jar in French
vinegar is from the French 'vin aigre' , and 'bottle' is probably pretty recognisable. -- Regards, Matt Mathews 214.763.0385
16 years ago
Re: Fermented too fast???
According to the directions I should be adding metabisulphite and finings two days from now, as well as topping the carboy up and giving it a good stir. Should I be leaving it in the same carboy (w...
16 years ago 4
Re: making yeast starters -- why not grape juice?
environment also God. I wish I could type and spell. lum
16 years ago
Re: Southeast USA - Grape Juice Supplier
Go to an Italian or Portugese grocery store and ask around...if they don't know, no one will.
16 years ago