Bit of fun last night

When visiting a tied house pub for a meal last night, we found there were 6 beers on so we all (5 of us)decided to have two halves at a time, but choosing different ones.
When my last two came up I asked the barman (ex-head brewer) for a half of the 2011 finalist in a category and a half of the 2012 finalist in the same category.
He made to give me two halves of the same beer and the dawning look on his face when I pointed to the other was a joy to behold!!
If I said which category, many would know instantly which pub I had been to!! And there is another clue....
Guesses on a postcard, please, enclosing £10 (in coins) per entry and the first drawn out of the hat gets the lot!!!
Chris, back here after giving up on the CAMRA forums....!
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