Domaine Luneau-Papin

Following the dual rec from AFW's Santiago and a friend from the
region, Adele and I spent a delightful and informative 2 hours in the
company of young Pierre-Marie L-P, heir apparent winemaker to the
estate, and Mme L-P.
It was a very warm welcome, and a pleasure to talk with such passionate
advocates of what the appellation Muscadet Sèvres-et-Maine can be.
Pierre-Marie is very open to experimentation and is full of small lot
projects to try. (He expressed at least the opinion that new oak in quantity
and melon is probably a bad idea.)
Somewhat difficult to find, be aware the only sign is pinned to the door
of the office, if you go.
2005 "carré bleu vielles vignes" (40 years average) from around the domaine.
This is commercialized as Muscadet Sèvres-et-Maine sur lie Dom. Pierre de
la Grange VV. 4.50 EU. Fresh lively lemony nose. Cake, yeast, citrus, lemon
peel, fresh and nice.
2005 Clos des Pierres Blanches -- Hermine d'Or. 5.50 EU. VV from a single
plot replanted over many years without the use of cloned vines. Sur lie. Pale gold.
Very rich, citrus, orange peel, stone, flint, lie yeast, green herb overtone!
2005 L d'Or. 10 months sur lie. Vine age 40-50 years. Nose creme brulee,
orange, flint, long. Yeast, custard, stone, orange peel, almond, great structure,
very young. This is a great wine, and ageworthy, for 6 EU!
2002 Excelsior. Clos des Noelles. VV average > 60 years. 30 months sur lie!!!
Nose caramel, brioche, apricot, yeast. In the mouth, apricot, peach, citrus, slate,
layered and very long, huge structure. Atypical. 11 EU.
Mme presented us with the 2002 L d'Or also as a parting gift.
I'm very pleased to have representation from Dom L-P in the cellar, and look
forward to becoming a regular client of the house. An excellent tasting of some
traditional and very atypical Muscadet.
I believe these are fairly widely available -- even in Oz, it would seem --
so I'd be interested in what other folks thing.
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Emery Davis
Emery Davis wrote in news:
I am so happy that you enjoyed your time at Luneau-Papin!!! I discovered their wines six years ago when I started travelling to the Loire because I was hired to teach a subject at a university in Angers.
Since them, I have been enjoying their wines year in, year out and, since last february I managed to include their wines in the portfolio of a wine import company I do consulting for.
This is the wine that got me started! (but the 2000 or 2001 vintage)
Atypical but outstanding. It really needs to be decanted and let breath for one hour. And not being chilled too much. 10-12ºC is great. I prefer Clos du Poyet to Clos des Noelles, though.
I wanted to email you because I was intrigued to know how did your trip to that restaurant with amazing wine list ended. What did you finally select for your anniversary dinner?
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Very good, Emery! L-P is one of my two favorite Muscadets, and probably the producer I have the most of. Interesting change in nomenclature: the only cuveés I have seen here are the Pierre de la Grange, the L D'Or and the Clos des Aleés. The Clos des Pierres Blanches Hermine D'Or I've never seen here.
The L D'Or bottling is fantastic in most years, and the '02 is drinking very well now, though it'll no doubt age well for another decade or more. I've had in the recent past the '97 and '90 L D'Ors, both of which were doing marvelous and developing much along the lines of a good Chablis.
BTW, did you and Adele celebrate your anniversary dinner yet? If so, what wines did you end up choosing?
Mark Lipton
p.s. You should check out the header records of an AFW FAQ post: you of all people might appreciate the humor.
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Mark Lipton
On 24 May 2007 15:27:23 +0200
I really can't thank you enough for the recommendation, Santiago! I can't recall the last time I made a visit with no personal knowledge and was so pleased with the result.
Madame mentioned you in fact, when I told her that one of the recommendations was from a Spaniard who had visited. But since I don't know your last name or even if S. is a nom de plume, I couldn't confirm...
Then you will have the advantage over me in cellar depth, sir!
Yes, it really is outstanding. The bottle we tasted had been open for 24 hours, it was still very fresh but had amazing depth. We didn't taste the Poyet but I did buy a few bottles to check the difference. Madame opined that it was more austere and mineral. I certainly look forward to the discovery. I wonder how these will fare in 03, also.
We got back last night. Stopped at L-P on the way. Really had a very nice time, thanks; I will post some notes.
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Emery Davis
Hi Mark,
On Thu, 24 May 2007 10:14:00 -0400
Glad we concur! I am no Muscadet Mogul, so L-P was a revelation.
The Clos des Alees is on the price list, (5 EU) but we didn't taste. What's the retail in your neck of the woods?
There is also a Gros Plant that Hachette likes, at 3 EU, but again we didn't taste.
So, what's the other favorite?
I have the feeling from the tasting it will age very well indeed. Now I just have to stick around for a while! :)
Just back, I will post! A fine meal.
Hmm, don't think I saw it. You mean the robot mini-faq? What am I looking for?
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Emery Davis
thanks for notes. I have a lone bottle of the '02 L'Or, wanna bet on who has most willpower to hold? I'll bet on you.
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About $15 when I can find it, which is rarely.
No secret there: Marc Ollivier's Domaine de Pepiere, especially his Clos des Briords bottling.
Yes, just look for the next post at 0500 GMT on Monday and scrutinize it for the one "funny" header record ;-)
Mark Lipton
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Mark Lipton
Emery Davis wrote in news:
It is my name but I have not been there, I met them in the past Salon de Vins de la Loire, held in Angers last February. Probably next october I will be visiting them, since I have an scheduled visit to the zone because of my main job. I don't know where you live but I'll be around Angers for a week, just in case you and Adele want to share a table.
Great, I look forward reading your post.
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