Do I need a fermenting bin?

I have been given a 30 bottle wine kit. I made up 6 bottle kits in the past
but for this I believe I need fermenting bin, which I do not have. I have,
however, plastic 5 gallon bin of the type used for beer making. Would this
do? It has a lid that permits the passage of air but no way of fitting an
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Derrick Bateman
Your 5 gallon bin will work just fine.. You don't need an airlock for promary fermentation
Later, A.J. Rawls
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A. J. Rawls
Careful now. Thirty bottles is 5 gals. But you need some space to allow for foaming. Normally you want an 7-8 gal bin to do 5 gal's. A.J. is right, you do not need an airlock for primary.
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I have found that by adding water to 4 gallons for the initial fermentation that I can use a 5 gallon fermenter for 5 gallons. -- Regards Tom
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