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oak barrels
I'm in need of oak barrels. I am looking for a quality supplier that sells at a fair price. I'm an amateur not a commercial venture and would like new American oak barrels in the 15 and 20 gallon size...
16 years ago 5
Re: First time from fruit
Generally speaking if you want to increase the sugar add sugar. If you reduce the water, you are increasing everything, not just sugar.
16 years ago
First timer with questions
Hi all, This is my first time attempting to make wine. I am currently preparing to make my first batch using a kit of Merlot. Here is my question(s). I have a well seasoned 10 gallon white oak barrel ...
16 years ago 4
How Do They Know?
This has been a very wet Spring in Maryland. Three years ago, I planted some Traminette and Foch vines in hopes of making some interesting blends with the native Concords and Delawares. As is usually ...
16 years ago 1
Hydrometer readings
My question is about hydrometer readings in country wine. I've been using the various recipes but now want to move on a little. I want to be able to take my readings and add the right amounts of sugar...
16 years ago 6
Re: longest fermentation?
I've never had a fermentation last that long, but years ago I heard of a trockenbeerenauslese in Germany that came in at such high Brix that it took about 40 years to ferment. Of course, this could be...
16 years ago 1
Basket press size
After years of making wines from fruit and grape juice,I'm moving on. This year will be my first attempt at making wine from the grape. I'v found a source for grapes, have purchased a crusher/destemme...
16 years ago 2
Look here for wine jobs and wages
Have a look at for jobs in the wine industry and wage rates.
16 years ago
wine from pie filling???????????????
My local supermarket has catering size tins of black cherry pie filling going cheap. Is it possible to make wine from it do you think? In article , I haven't tried it, but I would say it would make a ...
16 years ago 4
Re: Lables
News wrote in message ... Any CD ROM containing clip art *will offer scores of ideas. A little skill with a graphics program such as MS Paint will take care of the rest by allowing you to cut, paste, ...
16 years ago 1
Re: To sulfite or not to sulfite, that is the question
Well, if you ferment the wine to some significant alcohol level such as 12.3% ABV or higher, the wine will generally preserve itself if well kept and sealed. The sulfites at this % and higher are more...
16 years ago 8
Re: Dried Black Currant Wine recipe
get back to you. are you interested in other types other than the ones you have stated. Stephen. : Does anyone have any recipes for a black currant wine that uses dried : currants? How about a nice da...
16 years ago 3
modifying siphon tip?
Has anyone succesfully modified that inverted plastic tip that is on the end of so many siphoning canes/auto-siphons? I find that it is way deeper than necessary, and leaves behind about an inch of wi...
16 years ago 8
How do you sanitize your bottles??
I'm starting to bottle last year's vintage, and I wonder how everyone sanitizes their bottles. My local brewshop recommends using an iodophor solution as a final rinse after using soap and water, but ...
16 years ago 8
Re: By way of thanks...
Mango! When they are on sale at the grocer's, of course. Joanne In message , jmreiter writes Ooooh, nice idea. But at the moment they're still nearly UKP2 each in the shops - think I'll wait a while.....
16 years ago 3