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acid blend
I have some questions regarding acid blend: 1. How much acid blend should be added to 1 gallon of must for a grape wine made from juice concentrate? 2. Is there a Ph Range that I should shoot for for ...
16 years ago 4
Alcohol content
I have a few questions on this subject: 1. How can you determine actual alcohol content from PA readings? I understand that you need to take a reading before you add the yeast, and before you rack, an...
16 years ago 8
What's the best way to get rid of caterpillars on grape wines? I've picked off a few already but by the time you notice, there's already a missing leaf or more! Louise:o)
16 years ago
Attention all wine or beer buffs has anybody come across the term " exponential feeding" This method is to do with adding honey or sugar Stephen. In article , says... Found this through Google: From E...
16 years ago 4
leaf roll remedy?
I'm noticing the oldest, lower leaves of my cab franc vines are showing a bit of reddening--like premature fall coloring. And the leaves are beginning to--ever so slightly--curl under. I believe this ...
16 years ago 2
Press question to Lum
Lum, or anyone with the experience, I have recently come across a piece of clean 12" Nyloplast storm sewer pipe and plan to make a hydraulic press with it. I have read your comments on building your o...
16 years ago 1
Re: Plastic carboy
They would be OK as a secondary, but not for bulk storage because the plastic is much more permeable to air than glass - the result is a much higher risk of oxidation if you store in them. On 7/18/03 ...
16 years ago 5
FAQ: rec.crafts.distilling
This is a FAQ for Currently this FAQ is in it's early stages, but will be improved over time. This FAQ can be found at Here is a link so you may read messages in this newsgroup: news:// 1. What is the...
16 years ago
Alcohol-free Wine
I hope that this question has not been posted much before! Being a newbie at wine-making, I am interested in making non-alcohol/low-alcohol wine. Possibly also learn the art of de-alcolizing wine. Can...
16 years ago 3
Re: Making Red Wine
Hey Marc, I applaud your decision to go with extended maceration. It can do wonders for Pinot Noir since it often suffers from too little extract. Of course, when you do extended maceration you want t...
16 years ago 2
Re: Cabernet from fresh juice??
My suggestion would be to to either seek out a source for fresh grapes or buy frozen must from Brehm if you want ot make Cabernet. In my opinion, Cabernet juice makes a very unappealing wine. Even if ...
16 years ago 2
Ants attacking my grapes!
What can I do to keep ants from attacking the grapes I have growing in my backyard? I'd like to enjoy them for eating, not for winemaking. (Or is there a better newsgroup for this?) My standard answer...
16 years ago 3
wine tours
just got back from a week holiday visiting the folks and family in Ontario. My wife and I headed out to Niagara Falls for an overnight trip. Very nice with all the wineries out there! It's kind of fun...
16 years ago 4
Re: Cranberry wine?
Hmm, May not be a problem if you use pectinase. I have a friend who made a delightful wine out of raspberry jelly. It turned out clear as a bell. In article ,
16 years ago
Brehm Grape Suggestions?
This year I would like to take advantage of my close location to Brehm's California grapes. Does anyone have any suggestions for white wine must from Brehm this year? I understand that they are now ta...
16 years ago 1