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People have been making wine for over 6000 years and they are sure to have talked about just as long. Wine making, tasting collecting, comparing wine vintages and regions are among some of the most discussed topics on these forums. Whether you are a novice or an experienced master, come join these discussions and you'll sure learn something new every time!

General Wine Forum

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TN: Riesling, PN, etc at Grand Sichuan

by DaleW
Todd was in town from AZ, and Salil summoned up a small group to once again greet him at Grand Sichuan on St Marks. I arrived to find Todd and Jay alr eady there, and there was already a bottle op... read more »

Winemaking Craft Forum

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How many pounds of grapes per vine of Barbera in Sierra foot...

by Ron
I have planted 70 Barbera and 30 Zinfindel in the Sierra foothills. These are 2 to 3 year old roots. They are planted in fairly rocky soil on a slope facing southwest. How many pounds per vine sho... read more »


One of the oldest alcoholic drinks known to mankind, beer has always been a popular discussion topic. These forums contain discussions about brewing beer at home, best places to taste beer and get to know new flavors, beer-related news and history as well as local UK beer forum.

Beer Forum

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Double malted beer?

by Iusfetstrazasola
I am from Italy and I beg your pardon for my poor English which is not my mothertongue and perhaps not good enough to let me explain my question so, please be patient for this. A (almost ex) fri... read more »

Beer in UK Forum

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Twickenham Beers

by Offramp
I was in the Moon Under Water at Balham and I asked for a beer by Twickenha m. The guy behind the bar said that he liked Twickenham beers a lot because there was never any problem with them. He sa... read more »

Home Beer Brewing

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Animal Farm and UKLC. Spooky!!!

by KGB
Hi I have just re-read Animal Farm by George Orwell and was intrigued by the many parallels with UKLC; I would suggest that Steve reads the book- it's not too long and not too mentally demanding, so ... read more »

Everything Beer

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New Moerlein IPA

by Garrison Hilliard
http://www.cincinnati.com/story/entertainment/nightlife/bars-and-clubs/2016/01/19/christian-moerlein-releasing-new-ipa/79008150/ read more »


Although whisky, vodka, liqueurs and other drinks with strong alcohol content are not discussed online as often as beer or wine, they still do have passionate followers. Join these forums and exchange opinions and ideas about best brands, places to taste and ways to drink your favorite spirits

Scotch Whisky Forum

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Oops: "Uigeadail", not "Uidgeadail".

by Robbie Hatley
Typo correction in both subject and body of my previous post: Uigeadail, not Uidgeadail. Dunno how I managed to do that. Apparently the meaning of Uigeadail is dark, mysterious place. And while I'... read more »

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Here we have collected forums devoted to such everyday non-alcoholic drinks as tea and coffee which many (most?) people on Earth cannot imagine a day without. These fine drinks have a very devoted following and lively discussions which we invite you to join!

Coffee Forum

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Donaldli Ingalls and Sandra Bullock are married

by Donaldli Mark Ingalls April 22 1969
Just a reminder Washington DC and Los Angeles... Sandra Bullock and Donaldli Ingalls are married. Sandra is not dating anyone. I wanted her to be allowed to do anything. I love her more than anyo... read more »

Tea Connoisseur's Forum

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Favorite breakfast tea?

by Bob Newell
I favored an Assam/green blend for some while but it's no longer available. Suggestions for something like that (with possible sources)? Many thanks. -- Bob Newell Honolulu, Hawai`i * Sent via... read more »