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People have been making wine for over 6000 years and they are sure to have talked about just as long. Wine making, tasting collecting, comparing wine vintages and regions are among some of the most discussed topics on these forums. Whether you are a novice or an experienced master, come join these discussions and you'll sure learn something new every time!

General Wine Forum

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TN: Mostly Mencia (plus Rieslings, pinot d'alsace)

by DaleW
With cod and chickpeas in chipotle broth, the 2015 Merkelbach Urziger Wurzg arten Spatlese #1. Citrus and red cherry, lighter styled, this is more like old style Spatles e than the more common re... read more »

Winemaking Craft Forum

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Can Ancient Techniques Make Modern Wine Better?

by Internetado
Can Ancient Techniques Make Modern Wine Better? http://www.smithsonianmag.com/travel/ancient-winemaking-techniques-armenian-karas-renaissance-180962212/ -- Eduardo Sorocaba-Brasil www.alt119.ne... read more »


One of the oldest alcoholic drinks known to mankind, beer has always been a popular discussion topic. These forums contain discussions about brewing beer at home, best places to taste beer and get to know new flavors, beer-related news and history as well as local UK beer forum.

Beer Forum

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by Kerr Mudd-John
Now on. As there's 30, not 50 ales I might get to see more than half this time. -- Bah, and indeed, Humbug read more »

Beer in UK Forum

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A Good Yorkshire Beer

by Offramp
On Sunday 23rd April I went to a beer festival at The Sultan, London SW19. It is SL CAMRA's Pub of the year. I had many good beers there. But one stood out: Nettle Thrasher, 4.4% from Elland Brewe... read more »

Home Beer Brewing

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Animal Farm and UKLC. Spooky!!!

by KGB
Hi I have just re-read Animal Farm by George Orwell and was intrigued by the many parallels with UKLC; I would suggest that Steve reads the book- it's not too long and not too mentally demanding, so ... read more »

Everything Beer

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Logoed beer glasses are a source of pride for brewers, an in...

by Garrison Hilliard
And it's costing beer makers thousands a year Liz Engel | WCPO contributor 7:00 AM, Apr 24, 2017 2 hours ago CINCINNATI -- It may seem harmless, tucking that branded beer glass into a purse, poc... read more »


Although whisky, vodka, liqueurs and other drinks with strong alcohol content are not discussed online as often as beer or wine, they still do have passionate followers. Join these forums and exchange opinions and ideas about best brands, places to taste and ways to drink your favorite spirits

Scotch Whisky Forum

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Oops: "Uigeadail", not "Uidgeadail".

by Robbie Hatley
Typo correction in both subject and body of my previous post: Uigeadail, not Uidgeadail. Dunno how I managed to do that. Apparently the meaning of Uigeadail is dark, mysterious place. And while I'... read more »

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Here we have collected forums devoted to such everyday non-alcoholic drinks as tea and coffee which many (most?) people on Earth cannot imagine a day without. These fine drinks have a very devoted following and lively discussions which we invite you to join!

Coffee Forum

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FS: A HISTORY OF THE WORLD IN 6 GLASSES coffee, tea, cola, s...

by mayerg3434
This book offers fascinating historical perspective on the history of the s ix most popular beverages in human history and their origins from the Stone Age to the 21st Century. You will learn abou... read more »

Tea Connoisseur's Forum

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Need help of Green Tea Enthusiasts

by kartikey1292
Dear Members, Hope you are doing good. The health benefits of green tea are well known & we are working on making it even better. We need 10 seconds of your time to understand it better, request yo... read more »